C.J. Anderson Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Kelly G.

RC.J. Anderson Background Check, C.J. Anderson Public Records

C.J. Anderson Celebrity Life

NFL stars have huge fans across the United States of America. C. J Anderson is one such star who plays as Running Back in the NFL matches. Born in the state of Berkeley California Anderson is ranked 136 in the overall NFL rating.

His score is also 87 which is highly impressive. This 29-year-old footballer is at present a free agent. He has several career highlights to his credit namely Super Bowl Championship trophy and Pro Bowl 2014 title.
Early Career

Anderson studied in California. In his school named Bethel High School, he played high school football for the team named Jaguars. He is remembered by his school friends for running 4000 yards during games.

He has earned his school 4 times consecutive victory in games and he was declared as the most valuable player with the Vallejo Times-Herald Athlete of the year title.

In his school final year, he posted 1297 running yards and 20 touchdowns and this helped him to sign and play for PAC-12 school. Anderson was also interested in playing tracks especially in the 100-meter dash and 200-meter dash events.

C.J. Anderson Background Check

College Football

Being a notable player in his school time Anderson was immediately selected to the First team and All-American teams. He studied in the Laney College Oakland.

Anderson played for California during his college days and his career started in the 2011 season. He played with Golden Bears and as a junior, he displayed great statistics in terms of yards, touchdowns, and 7 receptions.

As a senior, he continued to play backfield and shared carries with Bigelow. A summary of his collegiate statistics states that in the years 2011 and 2012 as an RB his rushing average was 5.7 and the receiving average was above 15.
Professional Football

With an Amazing career in football from college days, Anderson drafted for NFL in the year 2013. He signed his first professional contract with Denver Broncos.

He practiced well but an unfortunate case of injury did not let him play the 2013 season with full force. He played 2015, 2016, and 2017 season with ample interest and determination. He further signed a contract with Carolina Panthers in the year 2018 for one year.

At present, he is a free agent as he was released by the Panthers in November 2018. Anderson has played for Oakland Raiders and Rams subsequently and has earned a huge set of fans for his ravishing game.

He has also played for the Detriot lions. All his professional games have been critically observed and acclaimed. He never misses one opportunity to rush or touch down.

His game has consistently improved and he has always stood by his team in victory or loss. Anderson is a great asset to whichever team he plays.

C.J. Anderson Public Records  


Football star CJ Anderson has earned around $1.5 million USD by his hard work and dedication. All his income has come from playing American Football.

Personal Life

Anderson has a great interest in watching Sonic the Hedgehog series. He streams on a small scale TV named twich.tv. Since he came from a lower economic background, Anderson has worked hard to help underprivileged under the Dreams never die foundation.

All his charity are directed towards the youth from cities who have a great interest in academics or sports but are not able to spend it from their pocket. Such a noble gesture has earned Anderson huge respect among fans


Anderson was a quiet guy and did not draw much media attention. He does not have much interest in being famous though he donates a lot for charity events.

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