Calais Campbell Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Rhon A.

Calais Campbell Background Check, Calais Campbell Public Records

Calais Campbell Celebrity Life

Standing at 6’8” tall and weighing around 300 lbs, Calais Malik Campbell is an American NFL professional. He plays for Baltimore Ravens at the defensive end position.

He was born on 1st September 1986 in Denver Colorado. His father’s name was Charles Campbell and his mother is known as Nateal Campbell. Apart from him, he had seven siblings which included two sisters and 6 brothers.


Early Life

Calais went on to join the South High School located in Denver, Colorado, and played in its football team. During his stint at the school team, He owned a state record of 57 sacks.

He was a member of the school’s basketball team as well where he averaged around 22.7 points.

Also, he qualified for the discus and shot put as well as the triple jump. Therefore, he was considered an all-round athlete during his school days.

For his college, he went on to join the University of Miami and its football team over other options in the year 2005.

One of his highlighting achievements during his college football career is that he had recorded 3 sacks in one game on 3 different times in the season of 2006.

In his career with Miami, he had played 36 games in total with his solo tackle number standing at 83.

Calais Campbell Background Check

A Career as a Football Player

He got inducted into the NFL when he got signed by the Amazon cardinals in the year 2008. The cardinals signed Calais under a contract which was worth 3.40 million dollars which included a signing bonus of 484,500 dollars for a four-year term.

In his first year as a pro, the cardinals on the top position of the NFC West and also became eligible for a playoff berth.

In the 2009 season, Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt showed his trust on Calais when he added him on the starting left side defensive end, to begin the season.

Against the San Francisco 49ers, he recorded his first season-high of 6 solo tackles. The season went well for Calais as he had 45 combined tackles under his belt.


In 2010, Calais got an injury in his ankle and was put on the bench for recovery. Once he came back he recorded his season-high score of 11 combined tackles.

In that season, Calais had 60 combined tackles in 50 games, and he started in all of them.

In the year 2011, Calais scored a season-high of 10 combined tackles with a season-high of 2.5 sacks on quarterback Jackson in week 3. He came back even stronger to finish the season with 72 combined tackles.

In the years 2012, 2013, 2014 season Calais was trying his best to be art the top of the game. Particularly in the 2014 season, Calais had 58 combined tackles against his name. Also, the Cardinals finished on the 2nd position in the NFC West.

Calais Campbell Public Records
2017’s season saw Calais being able to sign freely with other clubs and negotiate with them. He received a lot of calls from the Jacksonville Jaguars, Denver Broncos as well as his own team Arizona cardinals.

However, out of all of the Jacksonville Jaguars were successful in securing his services against a 40-million-dollar contact including a signing bonus of 6 million dollars for a four-year contract.

In the same year, he was nominated for the 2018 pro-bowl. In this year Calais finished with 677 combined tackle points out of which 47 were solo.

In the year 2018, he was nominated as the 14th best NFL player by his colleagues in the NFL. And his name featured on the NFL top 100 players of 2018.

In the year 2020, he got traded to the Baltimore Ravens.

To date he has played in 186 games and has 519 solo tackles – a record which shows the immense talent of the NFL star.

As far as the awards are concerned, he got featured in the NFL top 100 list 6 times from the year 2015 to 2019 continuously.

Also, he was nominated for 5 Pro Bowls and has Player of the week 4 times. In 2019 he also won the NFL Walton Payton Man of the Year.

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