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Cameron Wake Celebrity Life

Cameron Wake, an American professional football athlete, played as an outside linebacker. An underrated player, he was one of the top edge rushers in the National Football League (NFL).

Early Life

Born on January 30, 1982, in Beltsville, Maryland, Cameron Wake spent his childhood in the suburban area of Washington D.C.

He went to Dematha High School and played football for the educational institution. In 1999, Washington Post named Wake as their Defensive Player of the Year, for his performance during his senior season.
He joined Pennsylvania State University, after receiving an athletic scholarship from the educational institution. Wake was part of the Penn State Nittany Lions football squad as a linebacker.

At the same time, he also played a defensive role in several games. By the end of his college career, he made 24 tackles for loss, 8.5 quarterback sacks, and 191 tackles in total.

Before the 2005 NFL Draft, Wake participated in the Penn State’s Pro Day’s 40-yard dash.

Cameron Wak Background Check

Professional Career

In April 2005, the New York Giants picked up Cameron Wake, only to release him from the squad in June.

As a free agent, Canadian Football League’s (CFL) BC Lions offered the athlete a contract in 2007.

The club asked Wake to play as a defensive player from the linebacker position, transforming him completely.

In the new role, he made a huge and significant impact, as he went on to win the Defensive Player of the Week during the 2007 CFL season.

He impressed everyone with a mindblowing debut, racking up three quarterback sacks and seven tackles, helping the team win 24 – 22 against Toronto Argonauts.

By the end of the 2007 season, he was on top of the league with 16 sacks.

He made 72 tackles, to become the first player in the history of CFL to receive the Defensive Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year in a single season.

Wake continued his dominance in the defensive end, by racking up 23 sacks. As a result, he featured in the selection for the CFL All-Star squad.

Miami Dolphins showed interest in Wake, due to his incredible performance in CFL. He signed a four-year contract with the franchise, with $1 million as a signing bonus.

The first game was against the Bills, where he racked up four tackles for loss, one forced fumble, and two sacks.

In the NFL, he finished third in the league in sacks during the 2010 season. He also made three forced fumbles, 57 tackles, and 14 sacks that year.

Cameron Wake Public Records  

His performance earned him a place in the starting roster as an outside linebacker. The athlete was third in NFL for quarterback pressures with 52.

He extended his contract in 2012, worth $49 million, out of which he would receive $20 million, irrespective of his performance.

During the 2012 season, Wake was one of the best outside linebackers in the league. While playing against Arizona Cardinals, he made 4.5 sacks.

He finished the season with 15 sacks and 53 tackles, making it to the Pro Bowl.
Wake didn’t start the 2015 season with a bang, as he only completed one tackle.

While his form returned in the other games, he couldn’t finish the season, after picking up an Achilles injury.

He bounced back, showing the world that he still had what it takes to improve the team’s defense.

The athlete joined Tennessee Titans by signing a $23 million contract.

During his first game for the Titans, his tackle helped the team win 43-13. However, the franchise released the player on March 12, 2020.


Due to his performance in the 2008 season, he received the Friday Night Gladiator of the Year from TSN. It was the first time a defensive player won this award.

In the same year, he received the Most Outstanding Defensive Player. During his career, he won several AFC Defensive Player of the Week. He made it to the Pro Bowl five times and is a member of the 100 Sacks Club.

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