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Carol Alt Celebrity Life

Carol Alt is a model and actress from America who was born in Flushing, Queens, New York. She established her modeling career after being seen working part-time.

She skipped off school to travel to Manhattan, where she eventually became the best model in the period of the 1980s.

She transitioned to acting just before her modeling career came to an end following eight years, and starred in over 45 Foreign movie productions.
Alt started her modeling career through a major breakthrough in 1979. This was when she was featured on the cover page of the famous magazine Harper's Bazaar.

Then somewhere around 1982, she got a chance to be featured on the cover page of another famous magazine - Sports Illustrated, where she was featured in the Swimsuit Issue.

She appears on a large number of magazines including:
  • Vogue
  • Vogue Paris
  • Vogue Italia
  • Vogue UK
  • Mademoiselle
  • Elle
  • Cosmopolitan

Carol Alt Background Check

By Life Magazine she has been referred to as The Face. She was the icon of marketing campaigns for Diet Pepsi, General Motors, Cover Girl Makeup, Noxzema, Hanes, Givenchy, among several more, at the height of her stardom.

She has starred in a number of films since 1986, many of them being Italian feature films. In 1994 she played Kelly LaRue's wife in the "Thunder in Paradise" television series.

In 2004 she played a significant role in the Canadian movie Snakehead Terror. She has also appeared in the television adaptation of Peter Benchley's Amazon (1999), where she played Agent Monica McBride in a 1997 action film The Defender, alongside Matt McColm, and Karen Oldham.

She has had several small TV appearances, including one season of Wings, and a voice appearance in a King of the Hill series.
At the German-American Steuben Parade in the city of New York, the greatest festival of German-American Alliance in the United States, Alt was named as Grand Marshal in 2006.

Tens of thousands of supporters greeted her beside the Fifth Avenue street. She was a competitor at NBC's The Celebrity Apprentice 2008, with Donald Trump vying for her charity, the Tony Alt Memorial Foundation (named after Alt's father), which provides funding for young adult scholarships so that they can continue their learning.
She also performed a role in the Italian television show named Caterina e le sue figlie 2. She also starred in the TV film Piper. In 2009 she was one among the participants in Dancing with the Stars (Rai Uno) in Italian edition.

She is also shooting a modern Italian TV show entitled Piper — The Movie, a spinoff from Canale5's popular TV film of the same title. In 2008 she launched with her associates (Philip Masiello and Steven Krane) Raw Essentials, a skincare and beauty services brand.

Carol Alt Public Records  

Alt joined hands with the Fox News team in September 2013 for her Saturday afternoon television series which streamed for about half an hour. It was called A Safe You & Carol Alt and explores her own background and understanding of fitness and longevity.

Every episode concludes with a section entitled Ask Carol, in which she addresses queries she gets on Facebook and Twitter. Alt was recruited into the Ride of Fame in October 2013. A New York dual decker trip bus was committed to her and her work.

The films she has appeared in include:

  • Via Montenapoleone (1986)
  • La più bella del reame (1989)
  • Mortacci (1989)
  • Beyond Justice (1990)
  • Miliardi (1991)
  • Un orso chiamato Arturo (1992)
  • Ring of Steel (1994)
  • Thunder in Paradise (1994)
  • Private Parts (1997)
  • "Cracker Jack 2" (1997)
  • The Protector (aka Body Armor; 1997)
  • Revelation (1999)
  • Amazon (1999)
  • Snakehead Terror (2004)
  • Signs of the Cross (2005)
  • Mattie Fresno and the Holoflux Universe (2007)
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