Christian Siriano Celebrity Life and Background Check

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Christian Siriano Celebrity Life

Christian Vincent Siriano was born on 18 November 1985 is the founder of the council of American Fashion Designers and is a professional designer himself.

Since winning the fourth season of American fashion program Project Runway, Siriano first gained recognition, being the youngest participant of the franchise.
Disney revealed that Siriano would be responsible for designing the complete costumes for fairies. Since these characters are timeless, he wishes to build a piece of Disney history as a young artist.

He has written a book that is co-authored by Rennie Dyball and included a foreword by longtime Runway coach Tim Gunn.
Christian Siriano Background Check

Early Life

Christian was raised in a town near Maryland along with his older sister Shannon. His sister has started Rebelle Con and is into community building.

They are originally native to Italy and Germany. Siriano said his parents were in favor of the arts and motivated him and his sister to explore artistic fields.
Siriano learned ballet as a child and made an appearance on Ellen in 2008.

He has always enjoyed different costumes and personally relates to theater and music.

Siriano's fascination with costume design encouraged him to follow a fashion career. He joined the Baltimore School of Arts after they let Siriano chose fashion design as his study path.

He started styling clothes at the young age of only thirteen. Siriano worked as a styling assistant and finally started creating clothes for the annual hair exhibits at the salon.

Despite being denied by the Fashion Institute of Technology, Siriano decided to study at the American Intercontinental University in England.

Christian shifted to New York after his college graduation. After getting a reference from a professor, he began his first apprenticeship at Vivienne Westwood, following Alexander McQueen, his most favorite designer.

He worked as an artist and designer for private weddings. He was also pursuing his internship at Marc Jacobs at that time.
His life changed when he auditioned for Project Runway and got approved. He changed the history of Project Runway when he won four challenges.

He went on to win the show and received a hundred thousand dollars to start his own label. Siriano swept everyone's feet off with his collection at the New York Fashion Week.

His label quickly reached the racks of major stores including Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. In 2010 Siriano's company made sales somewhere above $1.2 million and secured him a position on Crain's Top Forty Entrepreneurs board.

The line Siriano created for Puma in 2008 represented the beginning of his partnerships in the retail industry.

Christian Siriano Public Records
Siriano collaborated with Payless to design a line of handbags and shoes. The collection was a combination of low priced and relatively high priced premium collection.

He is also recognized for having developed a fashion-themed phone in February 2009 in collaboration with LG entitled LG Lotus.

The first Christian Siriano flagship store, launched on Elizabeth Street of Manhattan in September 2012, graced by the presence of well-known celebrities of Hollywood. Siriano started his first perfume line in 2014 called ‘Silhouette’.

His other collaborations include Victoria secret, Starbucks, O-Cell-O, and a few others. He Rejoiced his 10th anniversary in fashion in 2018 with a Fashion show of his Fall collection.

Personal Life

Christian lives in the neighborhood of Chelsea, Manhattan. He was engaged to songwriter Brad Walsh in 2013 and married 3 years later in July. Unfortunately, the marriage lasted less than 2 years.

In 2008, He appeared in the music video No Substitute Love for the artist Estelle.

He has written a book along with Tim Gunn, who is his mentor and Rennie Dyball titled Fierce Style: How To Be Your Most Fabulous Self.

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