C.J. Mosley Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Rhon A.

C.J. Mosley Background Check, C.J. Mosley Public Records

C.J. Mosley Celebrity Life

Mosley was born on 19th June 1992; he played for the National Football League as a linebacker. Mosley's career began right away in college where he played for Alabama team.

The National Football League drafted him during its 2014 Baltimore Ravens draft.

Mosley Early Life

Mosley went to Theodore high school since he was a native of Theodore, Alabama. He discovered his talent in high school where he participated in ran track, basketball, and football.

 During his sophomore year and attained one interception, four sacks, and 112tackles. He also competed with 6-5 records as a Bobcat hence losing to Auburn.

Mosey decided to improve his records and attained 186 tackles in 2000 when he participated as a senior.

He also added four interceptions, seven sacks, and five fumble recoveries. Mosley completed his high school at Theodore as the school’s leading tackler.

C.J. Mosley  Background Check
Besides, Mosley also played in the school field and track team. He recorded 16.15 seconds in the 110M hurdles. He took part in the jump competition where he attained his personal best leap of 1.8 meters.

He recorded 6.5 meters in the long jump and 12.5 meters in the triple jump.

Following his success, Rivals.com regarded Mosley as the four-star recruit. Mosley took the sixth position among six linebackers.

This earned him the second position is Alabama following Hicks and Christian Jones. Clint also took part in the Army All-American Bowl though enjoyed opportunities and offers from the Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Florida State.

During his first year in college, Mosley participated in the 2010 season after he was selected by the College Football News,Rivls.com, Na FWAA. He finished his freshman season after playing 13 games.

 During the 2011 season, Mosley dislocated his right elbow in the first quarter of the first game against Arkansas. He was forced to miss other games against Vanderbilt and Florida. He also never recorded any tackle against Mississippi.

In the 2012 junior season, Mosley was recognized by the Associated Press as a first-team all American following the regular season of 2012. Mosely recorded 107 tackles in 2012 as the junior year team. His success earned him the Alabama MVP award of 2012.

At the end of the 2012 season, Mosely indicated his desire to return to Alabama for the senior season. During the 2013 season, he led the Alabama football team by recording 108 tackles for two consecutive years.

At the end of November 2013, he received the Butka’s, Bednar’s, and Lombardi awards for being a semifinalist. Following his success, Mosley was recognized as a fist team of All-Southeastern Conference.

C.J. Mosley Public Records
Mosley’s Professional Career

Mosley dislocated his hip and sought surgery prior to National football League Combine. However, he attended the scouting combine in Indianapolis, but he never took part in some drills since he was still weak.

Clint only took part in the broad jump, vertical jump, short shuttle, and three-cone drills.

He participated in the Alabama pro day in March 2014 and joined in the 40yard dash. Although Mosley attended individual workouts and multiple teams workouts, he developed an interest in the Baltimore and Buffalo Bills.

The Baltimore Ravens selected Mosley during the 2014 National Football League draft. He took the fourth position among the linebackers and was recognized as the highest linebacker form Alabama.

He signed a four-year contract with Baltimore ravens in 2014 for $8.87 million. Mosley was named to the fourth Pro Bowl of his career on 18th December 2018.

He completed the season with half a sack, one interception, 105 tackles, and five passes. Mosley later signed a contract with the New York Jets on 15th May 2019 worth $85.

He recorded one pass, one interception, and one pass. However, he got an injury during the third quarter. He was forced to joined the injured reserve list to undergo groin surgery.

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