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Claire Foy, Background Check Claire Foy

Claire Foy Celebrity Life

While watching some movies, film-buffs are likely to think that they have not ill-spent their time. But there are some other movies that may force these film-watchers to curse the makers, directors, actors, and actresses of the films. We have heard of actors and actresses coming out with brilliant performances even if the stories are not up to the mark. One such actress who can lift the fortunes of a film in the box office is Claire Foy, an English actress. She is known for her acting prowess and her ability to lift a film even from the abyss. Let us try to know more about this talented actress.


More About Claire Foy

Claire Foy, an actress from the UK, was born on the 16th of April 1984. She studied at the University of John Moores at Liverpool to learn acting. She studied at the Drama School of Oxford also. Her debut on screen happened in 2008 with Being Human, a supernatural series that belonged to the comedy genre. Her professional debut on stage happened at the Royal Theatre. After this, she got a chance to play the title role in Little Dorrit, a 2008-miniseries on BBC One. Her film debut happened in a 2011-fantasy drama. She played lead roles in The Promise and in Crossbones, which were television series that were made in 2011 and 2014 respectively. She was showered with accolades for her acting as Anne Boleyn, an ill-fated queen, in Wolf Hall, a 2015-miniseries.

Background Check Claire Foy
International recognition came her way for her role as the young Elizabeth II in The Crown, a Netflix series. She got a Golden Globe for her acting in these 2016 and 2017 series. An Emmy Award for Primetime also came her way for her acting. 2018 saw her starring in Unsane, a psychological thriller made by Steven Soderbergh and playing the role of the wife of Neil Armstrong, the astronaut who first landed on the Moon, in the First Man, a biopic made by Damien Chazelle. For her acting in this biopic, she got nominated for the BAFTA award and the Golden Globe award.

The Early Life of Claire Foy

The birthplace of Foy was Stockport and her mother hailed from an Irish family. Her ancestry on her mother's side was from Kildare and Dublin. She has two siblings and both the siblings are elder to her. Her early childhood was in Leeds and Manchester but the family shifted to Longwick in Buckinghamshire because her father was working with Rank Xerox as a salesman. Her parents separated after a divorce when Foy was just eight.

Foy studied at a High School at Aylesbury and it was a grammar school exclusively for girls. She then joined the University of John Moore in Liverpool, where her main subjects were screen and drama studies. She also joined the Drama School at Oxford for training for one year. Her graduation happened in 2007, after which she shifted to Peckham and shared a house with her drama school friends.

 The Career of Claire Foy

While studying at the Drama School at Oxford, she appeared in several characters in the plays made there. She started appearing on TV as well. Her stage debut as a professional happened with The Miracle and the DNA, which were directed by Paul Miller of the Royal Theatre.

Foy acted as Amy Dorrit in Little Dorrit, a BBC series, and her acting in the series got her a nomination for a prestigious award. She continued her acting stint by appearing in Going Postal, a TV film and another adventure film that belonged to the medieval times. Foy acted as Lady Persephone in Upstairs Downstairs, a BBC film. She also acted in The Promise that was broadcast by Channel 4 in the month of February 2011.

Foy acted as Helen in another TV movie, that was based on a novel written by Sarah Waters. February 2013 saw her return to the stage when she played the role of Lady Macbeth.

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In 2015, she played the role of Anne Boleyn, a queen, in Wolf Hall, a drama serial, that consisted of six parts. She got accolades for her performance in this serial. In fact, she was compared with the performance rendered by Geneviève Bujold in one of her popular movies. She received nominations for several awards among which the most prominent was the 2016-British Academy TV award.

Foy's international recognition was mainly due to her portrayal as the young Elizabeth II in The Crown, a Netflix drama series made by Peter Morgan in 2016. For this role, she got a Golden Globe and the Screen Actors award. She got nominated for the BAFTA television award and for a Primetime Emmy also. She played the same role in the series' second season as well. In 2017, she acted in Breathe, a biographical drama made on Diana Cavendish.

Foy then acted in movies that belonged to the genres of psychological thrillers and biopics. For her role as the wife of Neil Armstrong, the first man to land on the Moon, she got nominated for a Golden Globe, the British Academy award, and an award from the Critics’ Choice.

The Personal Life of Claire Foy

Foy married Stephen Moore, an actor, in 2014 and Ivy Rose was their daughter. But Foy and Stephen Moore separated in February 2018.

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