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by Rannie A.

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Coco Rocha Celebrity Life

Coco Rocha is a Canadian supermodel who was born in Toronto, Canada on 10th September 1988 but moved to Richmond at a very young age.

Her parents worked in the aviation industry. Her mother, Juanita, worked as a flight attendant, and her father, Trevor Haines, was the head of the ticket office. Coco’s parents could not give much time to their daughter.

Their work was related to aviation, so they were not often at home. Coco also has a sister, Lindsay, and brother Greg Morendine. Her parents are of Irish and Ukrainian descent.


At birth, the girl was called Mikhailina, and later her mother began to call her Coco, which meant a baby. The Toronto family moved permanently to Richmond when Coco was still very young.

Her parents, having no other time for communication, used to take her with them on board the plane.

Coco Rocha Background Check

The Childhood

According to Coco herself, she was a very active and mischievous child. The school was not least interesting to her. The model career was not her dream and she never seemed to have any interest in fashion, glossy magazines, and celebrities.

She loved Irish dancing and gave herself to this profession completely. The initiative to enroll her in an Irish dance school was shown by her parents, and she immediately liked it there.

Nature endowed her with the ability to understand and feel the dance.

The Beginning of the Career

Coco, as 14 years old, was passionate about Irish folk dances and performed and competed in the competitions. She was a beautiful bright girl with an original cut of eyes, red hair, and a strong character.

At one competition, she was noticed by a fashion agent Charles Stewart who offered her modeling assignment. Any girl would have enthusiastically accepted this invitation, but Coco was very careful in making informed decisions.

She gathered information about the agent and the agency that he was representing. The desire to experience something unknown, which was quite natural at her age, prevailed and a contract was signed at age 15.


The Fashion World

Coco joined the fashionable elite right away. After signing the contract in 2004, she became part of the Supreme Fashion Agency in New York. Fateful acquaintance with Stephen Meisel, a famous photographer, became real luck.

Thanks to him, a photograph of Gemma Ward and Amanda Moore next to her, graced the cover of Vogue, a popular Italian women's fashion magazine. She was noticed.

Proposals rained down from American designers Marc Jacobs to Anna Suey to French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Coco Rocha Public Records
Her photos began to be placed on the covers of many fashion magazines. The most famous advertising companies made her their face. She aroused the admiration of Naomi Campbell herself.

She became an invariable participant in the Paris Fashion Weeks. In 2007 she flashed her dancing talent at the opening and closing of the Jean Paul Gaultier show, which conquered the entire modeling world. She performed an Irish folk dance on the catwalk.

Her Debut as a Designer

In 2010, Coco decided to make her debut as a designer and released a clothing line.. The name for her clothing line, Co+Co, was coined by a fan, a student from New York.

Coco's friends strongly supported this initiative. In this collection, Coco used a Victorian style in a modern design. She wore a dress from her personal collection at the 52nd Grammy Awards ceremony.

Personal Life

Coco married James Conran in the year 2010 and the couple has 2 beautiful children together. In her free time, she enjoys going to charitable organizations and giving her attention to children.

She has her own website where she communicates with her fans and shares news with them.

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