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by Garry S.

Cody Zeller Background Check, Cody Zeller Public Records

Cody Zeller Celebrity Life

Cody Zeller, born on 13 October 1992 in Washington County, Indiana, USA is a professional American professional basketball player who currently plays for the National Basketball Association’s club Charlotte Hornets. He was considered one of the most talented college-level players; in addition, he is distinguished by his basketball intellect and a good vision of the court. In the 2013 NBA draft, he was selected in the first round under a common 4th number by the Charlotte Bobcats team.


School Days

For the first season, for the Washington Hatchers school team, Zeller scored an average of 2.5 points and made 1.4 rebounds per game, and also won the Indiana Championship as part of the class. The next season, Zeller scored an average of 15.0 points and made 6.8 rebounds. In the third year of high school, he recorded 20.5 points and an average of 11.4.

Cody Zeller Background Check

At the end of the 2011 season, Zeller received the Mr. Basketball title of Indiana, an award that both of his older brothers had previously received. In 2011, the player ended up in the McDonald's All American national team, in which he scored 10 points, took three rebounds and gave three assists.

According to ESPN, Zeller was the 13th best player in his age category in the US in 2011.

College Years

On November 12, 2010, Zeller announced that he would play for the Indiana Hooters team, declining offers from North Carolina and Butler. Team coach Tom Kreen noted: He is the most intellectually gifted guy who has ever performed on my team.


Season One

In the first season for the Khuzers, Zeller was the leader in the team in terms of the number of points per match (15.6) and rebounds (6.6), with a hitting percentage of 62.3 (200 out of 321) and 75.5 (163 of 216) ) from the penalty line.

At the Big Ten conference, Zeller was awarded the Rookie of the Year Award based on coaches' voting. Before this, the player was selected seven times as a rookie of the week.

Through the efforts of Zeller for the previous season, the Hoosiers improved, they won 15 more matches, becoming the best team in this indicator in the NCAA. The Hoosiers also got the fourth number in the 2012 NCAA tournament and won the second round of New Mexico. After defeating Virginia Rams in the third round, the team lost to Kentucky Wildcats, the future league champions.

Cody Zeller Public Records

Second season

Despite the predictions that Zeller could be selected in the first round of the 2012 NBA Draft, he, along with teammate Christian Watford, decided to stay for another year in Indiana.

Partly due to the Zeller’s exceptional performance and his leadership qualities, the Huzers were able to become the champion of the Big Ten conference in the 2012-2013 season. The player became the third in the conference performance (16.8 points) and the second in rebounds (8.2), the percentage of hits (57%) in Big Ten behind only teammate Victor Oladipo.

Professional career

In 2013, he put forward his candidacy for the NBA draft and was selected under the fourth number by the Charlotte Bobcats team. In 82 games of the debut season, on average, he scored 6 points, made 4.3 rebounds and gave 1.1 assists in 17.3 minutes on the court.

Personal life

Born in Washington, Indiana, Zeller is the nephew of former NBA player Al Eberhad. Cody has two older brothers - the center Denver Nuggets Tyler Zeller and the center, free agent Luke Zeller. Despite high expectations from the player, Cody himself is distinguished by a calm character and is waiting for his finest hour.

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