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Cory Joseph Background Check, Cory Joseph Public Records

Cory Joseph Celebrity Life

Joseph Cory is a 28-year-old Canadian basketball Captain/player who is a point guard and plays for Sacramento Kings in the National Basketball Association. He is six feet 3 inches tall and has been an active player in school and college. He was drafted in 2011 in his first round as a 29th pick. He was drafted by St. Antonio Spurs and to date, he has played five major leagues.

With accolades like NBA champion in 2014, Mc. Donald’s first American in 2010, Jordan Brand Classic All-American in 2010, Big 12 All-Freshman team in 2011 and All-NBA D-League Second Team in 2013, etc. and 2 bronze medals in 2015 FIBA AmriCup and FIBA American’s Under 18 Championship- Cory is one of the most valuable players in NBA.



Joseph Cory was born in Toronto Ontario. He has three siblings and in his family, everyone played basketball including his mom and dad. His father is a CCAA championship winner and worked as a coach for the school, college, and professional basketball teams. His mother also coached basketball.

His sisters played college basketball for Minnesota and Oregon and his brother plays professional basketball in Europe. Joseph’s second cousins play basketball and one of them plays for British basketball league and the other is an NBA drafted player. As a young player, Cory was a Scarborough Blue team player.

Cory Joseph Background Check
Early career

Cory attended Pickering High School and he led his school’s basketball team to win Ontario provincial championships back to back in 2007 and 2008. He was later selected to play All-Canada Classic in 2008. At the age of 16, he was made to join Findlay Prep school. He performed well in the ESPN RISE National School Championship where he was announced as a member of the All-star team.

Cory was one of the 24 high school top-notch basketball players in the year 2008. In 2009 he was again named to ESPN RISE team and was awarded the most valuable player. He was ranked as the 7th prospect for ESPNU 100. In 2010, Joseph Cory committed himself to play for the University of Texas.

In college he played 36 games in freshman and in 2010 December, Cory played the best game of his career with21 points and a jumper against North Carolina. He was declared for the NBA draft and was named to the Big 12 All-Freshman team as well.


Professional Career

Cory started his professional career with St Antonio Spurs in 2011. He played NBA League-D three times and he was named as a prospect for All-star roster for NBA League D All-star game. He won his first championship in 2014 with the Spurs.

He later moved to play for Toronto Raptors from 2015 to 2017 where he scored his career-high against Brooklyn Nets. He joined Indiana Pacers as he was traded by Raptors in the year 2017-2019. He later signed Sacramento Kings in 2019.

Cory Joseph Public Records

National Team Career

One of the prestigious moment in the life of Cory is he represented his country for National basketball in the FIBA American under 18 championships. His team won bronze medal then and in 2013 he joined the team to play FIBA American championship alongside his brother. In 2015 he was announced as a captain to the national team and they won the bronze medal the same year with Joseph’s splendid buzzer-beating shot. He played for Canada in the 2019 FIBA World Championship in China.

Personal Life

Joseph is married to Stefanie Gazmin and he keeps his personal life private away from the eyes of media houses.

Net Worth

Joseph Cory is worth 3 million USD. His professional NBA career began in 2015 and his salary was 70 lakh USD when he signed his first contract.

Joseph Cory breathes basketball and he is a legend for his fans.

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