Crystal Renn Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Rannie A.

Crystal Renn Background Check, Crystal Renn Public Records

Crystal Renn Celebrity Life

Crystal Renn had never thought that she would once break all norms of the fashion industry and would emerge as an inspiration and role model for millions of girls worldwide.

When she was spotted by a scout in her hometown, Clinton, Mississippi she was asked to lose almost 3 quarters of her body weight to become a model.

However, as a 14-year-old girl, Renn listened to what was being told to her and that did not impact the teenager well.

After dealing with anorexia nervosa for several years, Crystal finally decided to re-evaluate all that she put in her body and her exercise regime.

 This put Crystal back on the chart of top models only to make a comeback as a size 12 US model. Renn’s agents began to market her as a plus-sized model.

Gaining almost about 32 kgs, she re-surfaced as a young, confident, plus-sized model; quite unconventional by the standards of the fashion industry.

And that is not all; Renn broke all norms of how the fashion industry perceived women moved on to become an inspiration for many through her journey over 2 decades.

Crystal Renn Background Check
The Crystal Future

Crystal was the first choice for many renowned photographers like Steven Meisel and Ruven Afanador.

After she comes back into the fashion industry she was also one of the most wanted plus-sized models that landed her several high-profile, profitable contracts that a lot of other models would die for.

Despite being body-shamed for her size and her constant battle with self between standard sample size and plus size, Renn determined her body identity and how.

Renn began to appear in various editorials of Vogue (American, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Australian, and Teen), Elle (Italian), Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity-Fair, V, i-D, etc. Crystal was also in the swimsuit issue for Sports Illustrated in 2012.

 Apart from this, Crystal has slain the runway for famous designers like Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel, Heatherette, Zac Posen, Shiatzy Chen, Vena Cava, Elena Miro, etc.

She also managed to be the face of many popular campaigns for H&M, Mango, Jimmy Choo, Dolce & Gabbana, etc.

While on one hand, her modeling career developed, Crystal was also breaking stereotypes surrounding a model’s weight.

She notably appeared in numerous campaigns in 2007 wearing regular size clothes and big crayons for Mango (Spanish retailer) and she appeared in pictures normally with other models aspiring to be a sample size.

This was quite a breakthrough and garnered the attention of the fashion world.
This also led her to become the face of Jimmy Choo’s spring/summer campaign.

Crystal Renn Public Records

Unconventional, Abashed and an Inspiration

Amongst her many accolades is being an author. Her book Hungry was quite a sensation in the year 2009 and Renn also was at the New York Fashion Week 2010 (fall), reporting for Glamour.

Her constant fight to find her body identity also urged Renn to try her hands on designing her own line of clothes. 

Not only did she challenge the industry norms by embracing her body but she also has been a constant source of inspiration for a lot of aspiring models.

Crystal was once married to Gregory Vrecenak, her long-time boyfriend in 2007. However, their marital bliss lasted only two years until 2009.

During her journey to self-discovery, Renn claimed that she has lost most of the weight because of Yoga and hiking and she also asserted that her dress size had dropped to a US size 8, in 2010.

Crystal Renne who had once been body-shamed and who went hungry just so she could meet the prevalent fashion standards is now one of the most successful members of the Ford member’s plus-sized division.

Crystal currently lives in Brooklyn and still continues to inspire models to accept their bodies and boost their confidence.

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