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Curtis Granderson Celebrity Life

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Baseball the American national pastime has generated many a hero for the American youth to admire but few, if any come close to Curtis Granderson, starting center fielder with a heart. Curtis was a stalwart on and off the baseball field.

 Curtis’ commitment to education

Curtis clearly has a good head on those strong, able shoulders. He openly demonstrates the importance he assigns to education. Curtis insisted on completing his college education despite being active in the minor league. Curtis was upset when he found out that the fall semester of his senior began before the minor league season ended. But he did not let that get in the way of his education. College clearly came first. He made arrangements to attend classes online and attended internet courses till the season ended and he could attend classes in person.

Curtis Granderson Background Check
Curtis’ commitment to education is reflected in the foundation established by him—the Grand Kids Foundation raises funds to support Inner City Kids. So large-hearted is Granderson that he even forfeits his payments for brand endorsements and had the brands transfer all the funds directly to the charities he supports.

Curtis asks the brands he endorses to make a donation to the Foundation rather than pay him when he endorses their brand. Apart from education, Granderson has also supported programs like “Let’s Move” to fight obesity in children. This was felt to be a need of the hour given the high rate of obesity in school going kids. Being the people person that he is, Granderson was voted the “friendliest player” in a Sports Illustrated poll.



He debuted in the major leagues against the Minnesota Twins in September of 2004. Curtis played a starting center fielder for the Detroit Tigers in 2006. This was the start of a long drawn errorless streak that lasted for 151 games. Granderson achieved a momentous feat of 23 triples which is rare even among the best of baseball players.

He was a man of many skills, so as his plate discipline improved by the day, he was even cast as a commentator for his smooth-talking talents. His batting prowess got him into the 20-20-30-20 club with his tally of triples, home runs, doubles, and stolen bases, which isn’t easy to achieve. Curtis’ tally of 23 triples was more than 6 whole teams could accomplish.

 Curtis Granderson Public Records
The high point of Curtis’ career till that point in time was no doubt his being part of an MLB All-Star Game, where he scored the winning run. Now if that isn’t awesome, I don’t know what is.

It often happens that a hero to the people loses touch with what really matters, with his people and with the community. Well, that did not happen with Curtis Granderson!

The color barrier is a very real and present line in baseball which has been difficult for African American players to cross. White dominance- Curtis has led a crusade so to speak, to emphasize the lack of players of color on national and state baseball teams.

Granderson has played with the Yankees and the Mets at the peak of his career and has really gone places. Granderson's contract with the Mets over four years was worth $60 million. In his later career, he has played with the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Toronto Blue Jays. Curtis was the sixth oldest player in the Major Leagues in the 2019 season. Granderson was the only player to hit two grand slam home runs in the same week while playing for two different teams. He achieved this in August 2017 with the Mets and the Dodgers, the high point of his career.

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