Dan Uggla Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Ethel M.

Dan Uggla Background Check, Dan Uggla Public Records

Dan Uggla Celebrity Life

One of the most famous Baseball players of the late 1900s is Dan Uggla. Born in 1980, Uggla has played for famous leagues like Florida Marlins and San Francisco Giants. He has also been a part of Washington Nationals. Uggla has won the player’s choice award and he is also one among the few players to hit 30 home runs consecutively in four seasons.


Uggla hails from Kentucky. His parents raised him well. He studied in Colombia Central High school, Tennessee. He went to college at the University of Memphis. He played college baseball and he was with Memphis Tigers. His smart moves on the field earned him a huge fan base.

He played as the second baseman and batted right. His junior season performance was received well and he was adjudged by pioneers like Baseball America and college Baseball. Uggla has a Swedish connect as well. His surname is deciphered as the Owl and it has to link to noble families of Sweden.

Dan Uggla Background Check

Professional Baseball Career

Dan was drafted for playing major league in 2001. He was drafted by Arizona Diamondbacks. He was drafted in the 11th round. He then played for five years under the Diamondbacks. He also played for Washington based team Yakima Bears. Dan was merely 25 years old when he exhibited an amazing minor league batting average. 

Dan decided to quit playing Diamondbacks in 2005. He was chosen by the Florida Marlins and his season began in 2006. He played against brilliant opponents like Houston Astros, Philadelphia Phillies, and San Diego Padres and won many accolades for his brilliant performances.

He was inducted into the 2006 All-star MLB game. This was also a record as no other player was inducted into an All-star game in their debut year. In 2008, Uggla played his first grand slam against Nationals. He was also named for the All-Star MLB 2008 game. He also decided to play the MLB home run, Derby. 

In 2008 he went with Martins for arbitration and he was offered more than $4 million USD for the same. Following the season, he signed his career-high contracted for $7.8 million USD with Florida Marlins. 2010 was the best year in Uggla’s baseball career. He made a decision to move to Atlanta Braves from Marlins and he signed a five year $62 million USD contract with the Braves. In August 2011 Uggla was chosen as a national league player for the month of August.


Uggla won the coveted Silver Slugger Award in 2010. Uggla has several MLB records to his credit. He has scored thirty plus home runs in five consecutive seasons. He also holds the record for the lowest season batting average with 80 hits from 448 bats. He created additional records like 154 home runs in five seasons and 83 extra-base hits in a single season as well. Though these records are surpassed, the pride of creating new MLB records stays with Dan Uggla.

Dan Uggla Public Records

Net Worth

Uggla plays professional baseball and his net worth is accounted to $34 million USD. This 39-year-old American baseball player earned his money by playing minor leagues and major-league games.

Personal Life

Uggla married twice in his life. He has two children out of his first marriage and he remarried again in December 2013. He and his second wife Janette Repsch have a daughter.


Dan Uggla was suspended from one game in 2014. Though the team said it was an internal matter, it has been concluded that Uggla‘s downward spiral career has been the reason for suspension. The team lost about $80,250 USD due to the suspension but still chose to suspend Dan for their benefit. The Braves paid Dan $19 million throughout 2015 for their sudden decision.

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