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Daryl Smith Celebrity Life

  • Overall rank: 276
  • Name: Daryl Smith
  • Position: ILB
  • Position: inside linebacker
  • Overall score: 82

Daryl Smith's Early Life

Daryl Lamont Smith was born on the 14th of March 1982. Daryl Lamont Smith is a retired linebacker in a professional American football player.

He was selected in the 2nd round of 2004's The National Football League Draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars. He watched Georgia Tech College Football. Even Smith worked with the Baltimore Ravens.

Daryl Smith

Daryl Smith's College Life

Daryl Lamont Smith's undergraduate success was at Georgia's Tech in Atlanta, in the state of Georgia.

He was a 4-year letterman at Georgia's Tech and a squad leader who guided the squad for two of his four years of hits. At Georgia's Tech, he played 44 of 46 games, posting 383 stops, Fifteen sacks, and 3 interceptions.

Daryl Smith's Professional Career

Jacksonville Jaguars football career

The Jacksonville Jaguars drafted Daryl Lamont Smith in the second round of the 2004's The National Football League Draft (39th generally speaking).

The Jacksonville Jaguars signed Daryl Lamont Smith on July 24, in the year of 2004 to a 4 - year, $3.25 million agreement which provides a $952,000 signing on fee.


Daryl Lamont Smith started 13 games in his freshman season and appeared in 15 but had been slowed significantly mid-season by a knee also managed to complete eighth in stops with 78 on the roster, although, and report two interceptions, 1 interception, and one fumble recovery.

He has played 90 of 92 matches and therefore only missed a couple due to a knee injury.

During the first week of the 2010 NFL Season, Daryl Lamont Smith earned AFC Defensive Player of the Week honors for a game against the Denver's Broncos which included the seven tackles and an interception that secured the Jaguars victory.

Daryl Lamont Smith became the both those - time leader in interceptions at Jacksonville Jaguars on 28th November in the year of 2010, outperforming fellow safe Donovin Darius.

In 7 consecutive years from 2011, Daryl Lamont Smith Smith has reached the 100 tackle limit.

Daryl Lamont Smith avoided the 2012 season's initial six days, owing to injuries. On October 25, he was put on the wounded reserve - designated come backlist, indicating that he was qualified for return in round 15.

He came back in week 16 to play the latest England Patriots and registered 4 tackles.

Background Check Daryl Smith
On the 12th of March 2013, Daryl Lamont Smith became a top prospect.

On June 5th, in the year of 2013, Baltimore Raven's Smith agreed a 1 - year deal with Baltimore Raven's, the reigning Super Bowl XLVII winners.

The move was intended to improve the center of Ravens' Inside Linebacker after the retirement of Ray Lewis and to lose Dannell Eller-be to offseason. Daryl Lamont Smith was able to take care of the spot in the rotation.

He made his second touchdown run for a TD during Week 3 of the second half of the season in a 30–9 win over the Houston Texans and smashed the league mark for Ray Lewis for most pass breakaways in a full season (17) with 19th on December 9th, 2013.

Smith finished his initial campaign in Baltimore with a team that started 123 tackles and silenced all questions over his potential to continue performing at a high standard following the accident that had him out much of the 2012 campaign.

For all of the Baltimore Raven's, Smith registered 118 tackles, Three sacks as well as an interception during the 2015's game. was freed by the Raven's on the 3rd of March 2016.

Daryl Lamont Smith negotiated a 1 year deal with that of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from March 17th, 2016.

Family life Daryl Lamont Smith stays with his spouse Ramee Smith as well as 2 sons, Daryn and Caleb, in the region of Baltimore, situated in Maryland.

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