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by Peggy B.

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Dean Wade Celebrity Life

Dean Jackson Wade, or Dean Wade, as he is more popularly known in an American NBA power forward for both Cleveland Cavaliers and Canton Charge. He had signed a two-way contract with both the teams after not having been picked from the 2019 NBA draft. The 23-year-old burgeoning talent was born on November 20, 1996, in Wichita Kansas to Trish Wade and Jay Wade.

He stands at a towering 2.6 meters (6”9’) and weighs 103 kilos (228 lb). He grew up in the city of St. John, Kansas and received his preliminary education at St John elementary school.


Sports run in Dean’s blood. Both his parents were involved in sports during their youth. His father, Jade, was a footballer who was a flanker in the Kansas State football team for one season. The year was 1985. Wade’s mother, Trish, was no less of an athlete. She was an exceptional volleyball and basketball player during her college days.

Her name is there in the Hall Of Fame of Barton Community College. She was inducted because of her outstanding skills and athleticism. Wade’s elder sister, Teresa, was a sensational volleyball player during her high school and college years. She also a part of the track and field team. She clinched the 1A State Division Most Valuable Players honors for herself in 2010.

Dean Wade  Background Check

Dean's Workout Routine

In an interview with the media in 2019 before the postseason banquet, Dean said that lifting weights is a part of his morning exercise routine. He is also into intensive cardio exercises even during the off-seasons. Sophomore year had been the most eventful for him because he got noticed by a few prominent coaches of the NBA. Dean took up basketball ever since he was in high school.

Achievements of the Cleveland Cavaliers power forward

During his high school years, he had bagged All-State honors for multiple seasons and a victory at three state championships. During his sophomore year in college had an average of 9.3 points and 4.5 rebounds. Owing to a foot injury he had to discontinue the season as a senior. Dean had played only 20 minutes per game in his senior year and had charted an average of 25 points per game.

 This feat brought him accolades like Mr. Kansas Basketball and Gatorade Player of the Year of the state. The most thrilling game for Dean to date is probably that against Georgia where he clinched 16 points in the second half alone along with the game-winner with four seconds to timeout.

Dean's Life at St. John

Life for Wade, his family and the other 1200 residents of St. John is not easy. Even getting groceries is of immense difficulty because the nearest Walmart is 25 miles away from St John. Nevertheless, it is home to Wade and he has a soft in his heart for his hometown. He toils day in and out, just to get a bit of American limelight on St John.

He aspires to make each of the 1200 residents proud who had supported and encouraged him unconditionally during the formative years of his life as a sportsperson.

Dean Wade Public Records  

What made Dean pursue Basketball?

As a child, Wade idolized Ron Baker. Now he is following the lead of his role model's footsteps. He works tirelessly and breaks the last drop of sweat with only dream and vision in mind- to achieve glory not just for his own self but also for his town.

Wade is now emerging as a role-model for the other scrawny kids of Kansas who have just taken up basketball and wants to make it big in the world.

Dean has what it takes to make a star out of a sportsman- grit, determination, and perseverance. He is highly disciplined and coachable.

Since he is shooting for the moon, he is bound to land among the stars in the near future

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