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Delanie Walker Celebrity Life

Delanie Walker, who plays football at the tight end, is a player from the US. Born on 12th August 1984, Walker played at Central Missouri University. It was San-Francisco 49ers that drafted him for 2006 NFL's sixth round.

Walker played seven seasons for the San Franciso team. After that, he had a seven-year stint with Tennessee Titans. During this stint, he was chosen for Pro-Bowl three times.

Titans released him after the season of 2020 because he could not play in the previous two seasons owing to injuries.
The Early Life of Walker
Walker studied at a high school at Pomona. When he was playing for the school, The Times chose him for the All-Region's first team. As a senior, he got the Gabriel Valley All-San honors.

He was chosen twice as the year's offensive player of the Miramonte League. He was named as 2001's Red Devil Pomona's Offensive Player as well.

He got the honor of playing in the All-Star game of the East/West. Walker showed his capability as a field & track sportsman also. He won the 100-meters Division III title as well. In 2002, he came first in the League Meet of Miramonte.

After his high school football career, Walker chose to study at Walnut, California's college of Mt. San-Antonio. His intention was to improve himself academically.

Delanie Walker Background Check

The College Career of Walker

While playing for his college team, placed him at the seventh spot in the list of 101 top players for the year 2003. He then shifted to Central Missouri University.

When he played for the Missouri University, he equaled several past records and also set several new records in receiving.

The major of his college study was video production and his minor subject was criminal justice. On 14th February 2015, he got inducted into the Hall-of-Fame in the athletic category of Central Missouri.

The Professional Career of Walker

Walker's stint with San-Francisco 49ers

2006 season

San-Francisco 49ers drafted Walker as overall pick no.175 for the second round of the NFL of 2006. Though it was his rookie season, he displayed his skills.

2007 season

Walker's scoring streak continued during the 2007 season also.

2008 season

On 22nd June 2008, Walker and 49ers entered into a three-year extension deal that would last till 2012. The deal consisted of a signing bonus of $1.8 million also.

2009 season

Even during the 2009 season, Walker continued recording high scores.

2010 season

There was no let-up in Walker's winning ways even in the 2010 season.

2011 season

In 2011, Walker showed that he could help his team in various ways by playing in different spots. Thanks to these attributes, he got the nickname "The Knife of the Swiss Army."
2012 season

In the 2012 season also, Walker showed that he was capable of helping his team in any situation. Thanks to his scintillating performances, 49ers could reach the XLVIII Super Bowl stage but they lost to Baltimore Ravens.
Walter's stint with Tennessee Titans

2013 season

On 12th March 2013, Walker entered into a contract with Tennessee Titans. This four-year deal was worth $17.5 million and it contained a guaranteed amount of $8.6 million.

2014 season

During the 2014 season, the major matches Walker played included those against Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles. He displayed great skills in these games.

2015 season

During the 2015 season, Walker could shatter a number of Titan records. He was named for the Pro Bowl for the first time. His peer-players placed him at the 82nd spot in the list of 2016's 100 top players in the NFL.

Delanie Walker Public Records  
2016 season

May 2016 saw Walker signing a two-year extension deal with Titans. The extension contract was for a value of $14.7 million. The contract consisted of a guaranteed amount of $8.2 million also.

On 20th December 2016, Walker was chosen again for playing for Pro Bowl. His fellow-players placed him at the 75th rank in the list of 100 top players of the NFL of 2017.
2017 season
Some of the matches Walker played in 2017 included those against Jacksonville Jaguars, Chiefs of Kansas City, and Patriots of New England.

On 16th January 2018, he was named for the Pro Bowl for the third consecutive time. He was also lauded as the most valuable player as an offensive in the Pro Bowl of 2018.

His peers placed him at the 72nd spot in the list of 2018's 100 top players of the NFL.

2018 season

On 27th July 2018, Walker signed a two-year extension deal valued at $17 million with Titans. The deal contained a guaranteed amount of $12.6 million also.

Unfortunately, he sustained an injury in the form of dislocation in his ankle during the first match itself. Hence, he had to miss the remaining matches of the season.

2019 season
After playing a few matches, Walker sustained an injury on 27th November 2019. So, he had to remain as an injured reserve in the remaining games of the season. On 13th March 2020, Titans released him.

The Personal Life of Walker

Walker lost his uncle and aunt in an accident in 2013. The accident happened due to drunk driving. Due to this tragic loss, he began talking vigorously against drunk driving. Walker has been blessed with three kids.

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