Dennis Pitta Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Sheila A.

Dennis Pitta Background Check, Dennis Pitta Public Records

Dennis Pitta Celebrity Life

Football is a hobby for some people but it turns into a passion for many. Those who consider football as their life turns into professional players.

One such hardcore football fan is Dennis Pitta. Ranked 248 in the NFL ranking, this American footballer has an impressive overall score of 83.

He had to retire early in the year 2017 due to an injury. However in the short span, he played the National Football league, he has been regarded as an immensely talented footballer by the analyst and sports enthusiast.



Dennis is born in California. He was raised in California as his parents were settled there. He played football in high school.

He studied at the Moorpark school and his PE teacher had trained him in football, basketball, and tracks. His favorite position was a wide receiver and cornerback.

In 2002 his game was so acclaimed that he was named in all areas, all leagues, and all country lists.

Awarded the National Football foundation player status many leagues such as Dartmouth, Oregon, Oklahoma, etc showed tremendous interest in picking Dennis.

Dennis Pitta Background Check

College Football

At Birmingham University, Pitta started a great career in college football. He joined the BYU Cougars and his coach realized Pitta could be a Tight End instead of wide receiver.

In the 2003 season, he was a substitute player but in 2004 he played right from start till end. 176 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 17 receptions was a great record during college football.

Till 2008 he was the star player for BYU. He finished in rank 5 in the all nation's tight end positions and this earned him Academic MWC honors as well.

Magazines such as sports illustrated etc. took note of his caliber and he had risen into a star by the end of 2008.


Professional Football

In 2009, he was assessed by analysts as a probable tight end candidate to be drafted within the first 5 rounds. In 2009 he received the prestigious Mackey award along with two others. He held rank 1 in BYU for years and this was a great achievement.

The 2010 NFL draft saw him being picked up by the Baltimore Ravens and he signed a 3-year contract with the team. 2010 did not see him play much but he used the time to practice for the years 2011 and 2012.

In 2013 he shined over many in the playoffs. He made it to the NFL top 10 player’s list at ease.

In 2014 he extended his contract with Ravens for a whopping $32 million USD but unfortunately he faced a hip injury that made him enter the injury reserve.

And in 2016 he played some wonderful football until a second injury struck an end to his career.

Dennis Pitta Public Records  
Personal Life

Pitta does not attract media attention much. He is married to Mataya Gissel. They have three beautiful children. Their eldest son Decker is followed by twins. The family stays close to each other. Arizona’s Max Hall is Pitta ‘s brother - in - law by relation

Net worth

Dennis, the Tight End NFL player of America has about 8 million USD as his net worth. He has earned all the money by playing American football.

Injury and Retirement

Dennis Pitta played two successful seasons he, unfortunately, suffered an injury in the hip in 2013.

Though he recovered, he could not consistently play all league matches and played occasionally till 2016. The 2016 NFL was one of the most successful ones for him but he had to retire in 2017 due to an injury.

Many fans of Dennis felt sad for his early retirement.
Dennis played NFL for a very short period of time, yet he had accomplished so much in the 7 strong years of his career.

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