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Derek Jeter Celebrity Life

Derek Jeter, born on 26thof June 1974 is a former professional American baseball player who played his whole career in the major leagues with the New York Yankees, of which he was captain from 2003 until his retirement in 2014.

Jeter is rated as one of the greatest players of his crop. He is the leader of hits of all time among the shortstops. His batting average is .310. Jeter has been the leader in hits & runs scored in the last ten years in the AL (American League). He is the leader in hits of all time of the Yankees, surpassing Lou Gehrig in the year 2009 and is the first in games played surpassing Mickey Mantle.

At the beginning of the 2014 season, he announced that he would retire as an active player. He played his last game at Yankee Stadium on September 25, 2014.



Derek took birth in Pequannock Township, NJ on 26th June 1974. Dr. Sanderson Jeter (substance abuse counselor), his father, is of African-American descent. Jeter’s mother’s name is Dorothy and she is of German and Irish descent and professionally an accountant.

The family lived in NJ until he was four. Then they moved with his family to Kalamazoo in Michigan. He stayed with his family during school seasons and during summers, he used to stay at the home of his grandparents in NJ, who regularly took him to the games of the New York Yankees. During that time Derek became a strong adherent of the Yankees team watching outfielder Dave Winfield who motivated him to attempt a career in baseball.

Derek Jeter Background Check


Jeter attended the Central School of Kalamazoo, where he played basketball and baseball; It was in this last sport where Jeter stood out as a hitter with an average of .577 in children's categories and .508 in youth. In his last year, he hit for an average of .508 with 23 RBIs, 21 tickets, 4 HR and an OBP of .637 as well as .831 of SLG, twelve stolen bases (in twelve attempts) and just one punch.

Thanks to these numbers, Jeter received different honors. These involved an honorable mention as the best high school player in the state of Michigan; Player of the year 1992 according to the American Coaches Association; Youth Player of the Year for USA Today's; and the "Gatorade High School Player of the Year" 1992 Prize, among others. Jeter's talents caught the University of Michigan’s attention, where he was offered a scholarship to play Baseball with the Michigan Wolverines.


Professional career

The Houston Astros talent scout, Hal Newhouser, had been extensively evaluating Jeter before the 1992 Major League Baseball draft where the Astros had the first election. He was convinced that Derek would help build a triumphant team and tried to convince the management of the team to choose him.

However, the Astros worried that Derek would demand salary conditions of at least USD$1,000,000, to refrain from continuing his scholarship with the University of Michigan at the expense of professional contract. Consequently, the Astros chose outfielder Phil Nevin. He signed the contract for $700,000 instead. Newhouser considered Jeter's potential so high that he resigned from the Astros in objection of having ignored his advice. Time would prove him right.

Derek Jeter Background Check

Yankees Scout Dick Grouch, who watched Jeter closely during the star game at the University of Michigan, also saw great possibilities in him; however, the Yankees were also concerned that Derek demanded high contract conditions for the same reasons.

However, Grouch managed to convince them with the argument that "the only place Jeter will really go to is Cooperstown," referring to the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame. The next draft options were Chad Mottola, Paul Shuey, BJ Wallace, and Jeffrey Hammonds. The Yankees chose Jeter in the 6th round of the Draft by signing a contract for USD$800,000.

2003 season: He is named captain of the Yankees

George Steinbrenner, the team owner, named Jeter Yankee captain on June 1, 2003, continuing for eight seasons without a captain since Don Mattingly retired in 1995. In the postseason, Jeter hit .314 with two home runs.

Five races produced and 10 runs scored through 17 playoff games, including three hits in the number three game of the World Series against the Florida Marlines - the only three hits Josh Beckett received during the game - Jeter made a crucial mistake In game number six he was lost and the Marlines won the World Series in six games.

Personal life

Jeter's personal life has been a hot topic for show and celebrity magazine columnists since he was announced rookie of the year in 1996. He had a romantic relationship with Mariah Carey in 1997. Jeter also had a relationship with Lara Dutta, Joy Enriquez, Vanessa Minnillo and actresses Jessica Biel, Jordana Brewster, Mikan Kelly, and Hannah Davis. Jeter is a close friend of Jorge Posada and was the main witness at his wedding.

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