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Desmond Trufant Celebrity Life

Desmond Trufant was born on the 10th of September, 1990 in the port city of Tacoma in Washington.

He is an American born professional footballer who plays for the NFL member club Detroit Lions in the cornerback position.

 He was always an athletic person and played college-level football for the University of Washington team Washington Huskies. He was a first-round pick during the NFL draft of new talents in 2013 and was picked up by Atlanta Falcons.

Early Years of Growing Up

Desmond Trufant did his high school from Woodrow Wilson High School in his hometown area of Tacoma in Washington.

His high school football career earned him quite some accolades as he was frequently praised by the Seattle Times.

The publication named Trufant as first-team and All-State for his performance in the final year along with a spot in the preseason tram of all the states combined.

 Desmond Trufant Background Check
His junior year with the high school team saw him record an imposing 47 number of tackles along with 8 interceptions, a feat which earned him the ALL Narrows league mention in their first team as both a cornerback and running back position player.

He was also quite a potential track and field athlete with an impressive record in the long jump and triple jumping events.

Along with track events, he was also quite adept in Basketball and earned an all-league mention in the second team in basketball during his junior year.


Scouting networks such as and rated him a 3-star rating post his final season with the high school team.

He was offered scholarship deals from a host of universities including Oregon University, Arizona State University, and Washington State University.

As his brother as also an ex-student of Washington University, he chose WSU over the others for his college career.

University of Washington - College Career

Desmond Trufant did his college education from the University of Washington and played for the college football team Washington Huskies for the duration of 2009 to 2012.

He had an impressive performance with the college team and during his senior year with the team, Trufant was named into the first team of the All-PAC-12 conference list of players selection.

During the period, The Washington Huskies were ranked in the 16th spot in the united states and second in the PAC-12 list for their pass defense record.

The Huskies have only allowed an average yardage per game of 188.9 in the 2012 season.

Desmond Trufant Public Records  
Personal Life

Desmond Trufant had two siblings named Isaiah and Marcus who were both NFL level footballers themselves.

Both Marcus and Isaiah used to play cornerback position and Marcus had a total of 10 year-long NFL career where he played 9 seasons under Seattle Seahawks. Isaiah, on the other hand, had a 5-year long career spanning three different clubs and played 3 out of those 5 in New York Jets.

Professional Career

Desmond Trufant was picked up by the Atlanta Falcons during the NFL draft of 2013. He has played seven seasons under the Falcons in the cornerback position has shown some stellar performance.

He was signed by the Falcons for a four year deal for a total of $8.16 Million in total. During the time, Atlanta Falcons made the super bowl in one occasion and Desmond Trufant made the pro bowl in once season.

On the 8th of April, 2017, Atlanta Falcons renewed Trufant's contract for a whopping $68.5 Million.

In 2019, after a stint o 7 years, Atlanta Falcons released Desmond Trufant and he went on to sign a two-year contract with Detroit Lions for $21 Million.

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