Devin McCourty Celebrity Life and Background Check

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Devin McCourty Background Check, Devin McCourty Public Records

Devin McCourty Celebrity Life

Devin McCourty is an American born professional football player. Devin McCourty plays as a free safety position player for the NFL member team New England Patriots.

He was picked up by the New England Patriots in 2010 in the initial round of the NFL Draft that year. Devin McCourty was born on the 13th of August, 1987 in Nyack in Rockland County in New York.

His mother is Phyllis Harell and father Calvin McCourty who was a computer programmer.
High School Career

Growing up in Montvale in New Jersey, Devin McCourty did his high school from the Saint Joseph Regional High School.

He along with Jason McCourty, who was his twin brother, would attend the school together. From his high school days, he used to play as a free safety and cornerback position.

He was selected for All-League games in his final seasons with the high school team. Upon his final year with the high school team, Devin McCourty had around 50 tackles to his name and made 3 interceptions.

Devin McCourty Background Check

Though he had the potential of being great in the game, his performance in high school failed to inspire others and he failed to get much traction from scouting agencies such as and

He has rated a 2-star player rating following his high school final season and failed to receive many offers of scholarship apart from one from the Rutgers University.

College Football

Devin McCourty having received the only offer from Rutgers University went onto study and play for the Rutgers University football team Rutgers Scarlett Knights starting his freshman in the year 2005.

Devin McCourty was used as bench strength and was a redshirt player in the first season with the team.
Devin McCourty was then given game time from freshman year onwards and he played all the 13 games of the freshman year.

His freshman year with the Rutgers University team Rutgers Scarlett Knights, he impressed upon his kin with a resilient display of skill with a stat of 38 total tackles and also made 2 interceptions.

His next year with the Rutgers Scarlett Knights, Devin McCourty along with his brother Jason McCourty, who was also part of the same university and played football alongside Devin, both started together at the cornerback position in the year 2007.

Devin McCourty showed a competitive performance with 63 tackles completed from his end and following up with 2 interceptions.

He was also fundamental in blocking 3 kicks. His performance garnered him the All-Big East Conference player selection for his seasons under the Rutgers Scarlett Knights.

Devin McCourty Public Records  

In 2008, playing his Junior season with the Rutgers Scarlett Knights, Devin McCourty played 13 games from his favorite position of cornerback.

He made vast improvements upon his game with a tackle rate of 57 along with 1 interception. He was also instrumental in blocking one punt shot.

Devin McCourty, in his final season with the Rutgers Scarlett Knights, again was at the start of 13 games and played a scintillating season with a personal best record of 80 tackle in total along with one interception and deflecting around 10 passes attempts.

Devin McCourty also held the longest kickoff return record in the season and owing to his successful year at the team, he was inducted into the 2009 All-Big East first team.

Professional Football

Devin McCourty was selected by the NFL member team New England Patriots in the year 2010 in a 5-year deal, which ran to the tune of $10 Million, which was extended by another 5-year deal in 2015 for $47.5 Million.

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