Donnie Jones Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Rannie A.

Donnie Jones Background Check, Donnie Jones Public Records

Donnie Jones Celebrity Life

Healthy & Hearty Start

Talk about an early and healthy start, Donnie went to Catholic High School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Starting off as a letterman in football, he was awarded as a Punter/Tight End by All-District honors and as a punter by All-State honors.

He was healthy and fit as a fiddle who never recorded any injuries or fatigue and he had an average of more than nine punts in every game.

Despite two scholarships from the University of Oklahoma, LSU, and Ohio State University, Jones chose to study on a scholarship with Louisiana State University.

 He was on the LSU Tigers football team. 57 punts as a freshman with a 38.1 average for 2,174 net yards, 47 punts in sophomore year with 43.7 average and 2,052 net yards, he moved on to punt at 86-yard in the junior season.

This was the longest punt that was ever recorded in the school history of football. He sure garnered a lot of attention and was on the team during the National Championship game in 2003.

Surprisingly while Jones was excelling at the beginning of a super career, he also majored in finance.

Donnie Jones Background Check
Records Like Never Before

Immediately after a super start, Jones was placed in the 2004 NFL Draft into Seattle Seahawks. One amongst a total of 3 recruited punters that year, he performed exceptionally well in a total of six games.

He shared the punter position with Ken Walter and Tom Rouen. A master of punting super long yards, Jones performed like a star in all his plans for the season.

In 2005, he was drafted to the Miami Dolphins and was even a part of the active roster before the season, where he played in all the 16 games of the season.

He scored a strong 43.5-yard average, 88 punts of the season for the Dolphins along with a 39.3 net, highest for that NFL season, and also a new record for Dolphins in a single-season.

Although in the 2007 offseason, Jones was only a restricted free agent, he was offered a contract by the Dolphins immediately after.

 Donnie J’Owns: Player or Author or both?

Jones, who is also famously known as Donnie ‘Bag of Bones’ Jones, was signed by St. Louis Ram when Dolphins announced their disability to retain the player as they couldn’t match the offer.

And so, Jones played for the Rams in the NFL Draft 2007. It was a five-year contract with a lucrative $5. 585 million disbursed over 5 years.

As if by habit, Jones yet again broke the highest punting average record putting Rams on the map, breaking a 45-year-old record. Jones earned the first alternate for the Pro Bowl, for two years straight and was also named the second-team All-Pro.

Donnie Jones Public Records
He also became a part of the Houston Texans on a one-year contract as a temporary replacement for Hartmann, however, he was made permanent on the team when Hartmann was let go in 2012.

Jones was also singed with the Philadelphia Eagles first for a year and then on an extended contract of three years.

As was now usual, Jones set up another franchise record. In 2016, his contract was extended again for three years, until 2019. After earning his first Super Bowl Ring, in 2018, Jones took retirement from NFL.

He was then a free agent again and expressed that he wanted to play again. He was later signed with Los Angeles Chargers in 2018.

Thunder Foot or Do-Rag Donnie is married and the couple resides in St. Charles, Missouri. Jones has also authored a book called “Nine Seconds to a Championship” and has spoken about his experience being a part of the LSU Tigers. This was after his National Championship Season in 2003.

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