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Donovan Mitchell Celebrity Life

Donovan Mitchell Jr. or Donovan Mitchell is a basketball professional from America. He was born on September 7th, 1996 and features with the Utah Jazz from the NBA. In his college days, he featured with the Cardinals of Louisville. He got selected under the Denver Nuggets as the 13th pick overall in the NBA draft of 2017.

He was handed over to the Jazz on the draft night. During the rookie season, he was included in the First Team of All-Rookie squad of NBA. He also succeeded in winning the Contest for Slam Dunk in 2018.


Professional Career Highlights
Rookie season (2017–18)

Utah Jazz (2017–present)
Mitchell was picked up initially by the Denver Nuggets as the 13th overall selection and was later sold to the Jazz in exchange for two other players. He entered into a 4-year rookie-level agreement for the Utah Jazz. Further, in July 2017, he agreed to a multiple-year deal for Adidas.

On that day, he netted 37 points playing versus the Grizzlies during the Summer League match of NBA 2017 at Las Vegas. It was also the highest-scoring tally by any player in the Summer League that year.

Donovan Mitchell Background Check

He made his debut in the NBA in October 2017. He netted 100 points and made 4 assists versus the Nuggets. In December 2017, he made a career-best of 41 points during a victory versus the New Orleans Pelicans. He made a new points record in the rookie's category and was the first rookie in the NBA to register 40 points during a match after 2011.

 He also broke the team record for the highest score of 38 by Darrell Griffith's squad in 1981. Besides, he turned out to be the 7th rookie of the franchise to register over 30 points during a match and the 1st player to score more than 40.

In January 2018 Mitchell became the Rookie of the Month of the Western Conference for December as he averaged 23.1 points, 1.8 steals, 3.2 rebounds, and 3.4 assists from 34.3 minutes every match from December 2017.

In January, he crossed Karl Malone’s record for the maximum number of games with more than 20 points scored as he registered his 19th match with over 20 games. Donovan scored 40 points for the second time in his rookie campaign versus the Phoenix Suns. He also became the 1st guard as a rookie to put more than 40 points in the net on two occasions after Allen Iverson did it in 1996-97.

Donovan Mitchell Public Records
Donovan was included for the Slam Dunk Contest of NBA in February 2018 since Aaron Gordon was injured. However, he went on to win the contest by netting 48 and 50 for the 1st round and registering a 50 and 48 during the 2nd round. He became the 1st rookie to succeed after Zach LaVine. He became the Rookie of the month of the Western Conference for the 3rd time in March for the performance in February.

Mitchell set a new rookie record for the highest number of 3-pointers with 186. Towards the close of the season, he was awarded the Rookie of the Month in Western Conference for months of March and April.

Mitchell made his debut in playoffs versus the Oklahoma City Thunder and netted 27 points, 3 assists, and 10 rebounds. He had a bruised foot in the 2nd Game and scored 28 points along with 13 from the final quarter and lead them to a victory.

He also set a record for the highest points tally for a shooting guard during the initial 2 postseason matches netting 55 points, crossing Micheal Jordan’s points tally of 53. He also earned a spot in the All-Rookie Team of NBA in May 2018.

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