Doutzen Kroes Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Rannie A.

Doutzen Kroes Background Check, Doutzen Kroes Public Records

Doutzen Kroes Celebrity Life

Doutzen Kroes is Dutch from the Netherlands and was born on 23 January 1985. She was thought of being a "tomboy" without much interest in modeling or feminism.

But later, when she was chosen as a model, she is thought to have taken it more seriously. She began her modeling career in the Netherlands in 2003.

 She was recognized by her agent in the Netherlands, who sent her to New York to be a supermodel for Victoria Secret's Lingerie and Victoria Secret Fashion Shows.

Post her work in Victoria Secrets she has featured in many other modeling firms and agencies which brought her to fame and acclaim.

After her modeling career she was taken into Hollywood to star in movies and in the past decade she became an activist to educate the youth about HIV and Aids.

Doutzen Kroes Background Check

Career and Fame

Kroes was a Victoria Secret Angel for six years from 2008 to 2014, which brought her much recognition and made her a supermodel.

Once she joined Victoria Secret, other companies asked her to model for them including L'Oreal Paris since 2006 and Miu Miu since 2013.

Fashion magazines quickly recognized her during her modeling career and she was featured in many magazines such as Vogue, Seventeen, Elle, and Marie Claire.

She was also on the Time magazine cover which features current affairs. Kroes won Model of The Year in 2005 by readers and she was the people's choice.

She was also featured in the cover of Vogue, which led to her being one of the most sought after supermodels in the world.

Kroes is also one of the wealthiest supermodels in the industry to date, with an estimated income of 8 Million USD in 2014.

Kroes has also taken part in catwalk modeling where she has walked with many branded clothes and designer wear that chose her as their model such as Prada.

She received fame for her catwalk with Prada where they were praised for featuring curvy models such as Kroes. She became one of the first models in 2013, to appear in International Editions of Vogue in one month.

 This brought her enormous fame and popularity in her career as a model. She later featured in commercials from Calvin Klein and other contracts from famous companies.

She later announced that she was leaving Victoria Secrets for other endeavors after a long-standing commitment to the brand for seven years.

Kroes later took to acting in movies including Nova Zambia which was her debuted movie. She also acted in other Dutch films and became a brand/movie ambassador for the Netherlands.

She did not act in many movies and was only featured in four movies including Wonder Woman and Justice League. She also did a short Dutch film which became well-known.

Doutzen Kroes Public Records
Personal life and Activism

Kroes started dating a Dutch DJ and recording producer Sunnery James in 2009. In 2010, Kroes married Sunnery and they have two children together, who were both born in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

She later becomes a health ambassador for young children to understand HIV and Aids through the medium of Dance4Life, which uses performance and movements to educate children about Aids.

She is also an ambassador for her native Frisian language where she wants to spread the usage and knowledge of her mother tongue so that more people are willing to learn the language.


Doutzen Kroes is an example of a supermodel who has used her skills and talents in many ways beyond modeling. This includes acting, activism, and philanthropy.

She is one of the most well-known models of Victoria Secrets and is still recognized for her work with the brand.

Although she has migrated and has assimilated to different cultures, it is evident that her native Dutch language and Dutch culture has always stayed with her, which is seen both through her personal life and professional life as an actor and activist.

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