Dustin Colquitt Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Rannie A.

Dustin Colquitt Background Check, Dustin Colquitt Public Records

Dustin Colquitt Celebrity Life

In Canadian and American Football, there is a playing position named Punter denoted as ‘P’. Punter is a player, who gets the caught ball straight from the line of scrimmage.

Then, he will punt or kick the ball to the opposite team. The punter does it for restricting any field position benefit. In the case of Canadian football, it generally happens in the third down.

 In the case of American Football, it happens during the fourth down. During some similar situations, punters even take some fake punts when throwing the ball against punting. Dustin Colquitt is one of the punters in the National Football League.

About Dustin Colquitt:

Dustin Colquitt now plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. In 2005 National Football League Draft, the Chiefs picked him up. Before this, he was a part of college football in Tennessee.

In the year 2019, he crossed the record of Will Shields for the most games that participated for the Chiefs.

Dustin Colquitt Background Check

Early Life:

Born on 6th May 1982, Dustin Colquitt is a native of Knoxville. So, when he was in his school he played for the football team. He was part of the Bearden High School team in this place.

From the year 2001 to 2004, he got an athletic financial help to attend the University of Tennessee.

Then, he played for the Volunteers Football Team during this period for Coach Phillip Fulmer. In 2003, when he was in Junior Football team, he got the recognition as a first-team all-South-eastern Conference Selection. He received the same honor in the year 2004 as a senior player as well.

Personal Life:

Dustin Colquitt is married with 5 kids. Not just him, he has three other punters in his family. His father Craig punted for the Steelers between 1978 and 1984.

Even, his father has won a couple of Super Bowl Rings too. Also, his younger brother Britton presently playing for the Vikings. Even, his uncle Jimmy is a punter.


In addition to being a professional football player, Dustin Colquitt has also co-founded an organization that offers free dental care to kids, who are underserved.

Professional Career:

When he was initially selected by the Chief’s, he got into a three-year agreement with the team. The worth of this contract was $1.345 million.

In 2008, he signed a contract extension with the same team for a value of $8.5 million. He got his best records in his professional career during the 2009 NFL Season. For his achievements as a Punter, he was voted as the winner of the Ed Block Courage Award.

In the year 2006, he was leading the NFL with a net average of 39.3 yards. He created a single-season franchise record of 45 punts inside the 20 in the year 2012. He made this record passing his own record of 41 set in the year 2009.

Dustin Colquitt Public Records

  1. In 2007, he got the franchise record for the longest punting of 81 Yards
  2. He has 238 franchise records for football played in any position
  3. He has a franchise record for 15 seasons played
  4. He has a record of 50,393 punting yards played
  5. He has 1124 punting records to his favor
  6. In the history of the National Football League, Colquitt holds the 3rd position among the most punts inside the 20. The numbers concerning this record are 462.
  7. For two times, once in the year 2009 and again in 2018, he was selected to be the nominee of the Chiefs for the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award.


The punting techniques of Dustin got him an overall score of 86 and an overall ranking of 166. So, he is one of the inspirations for upcoming football players in the punting category.

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