Dwayne Allen Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Sheila A.

Dwayne Allen Background Check, Dwayne Allen Public Records

Dwayne Allen Celebrity Life

Born on 24th February 1990, Dwayne Allen is a football tight end of America and is a free agent at present. Allen played college-level football while attending Clemson University where he was declared as the most outstanding tight end of the college in 2011.

The Indianapolis Colts selected Allen in the NFL Draft of 2012 in the third round. He clinched Super Bowl LIII while being associated with the New England Patriots by defeating the Los Angeles Rams.


Childhood and Early Years

The talented football player was born in North Carolina’s Fayetteville. Allen took admission to Fayetteville’s Terry Sanford High School where he played football at the high-school level for the team called Terry Sanford Bulldogs. H

e earned sixty-eight receptions for one thousand two hundred and fifty-seven yards.

For Allen, his mom Olivia was an idol and an inspiration. When her mother gave birth to him, he was her 7th child and she was just 21-year-old.

Dwayne Allen Background Check
College Football Career

Dwayne Allen took admission to Clemson University and was a team member of the Clemson Tigers between 2008 and 2011. In 2008, Allen was redshirted.

He started 6 out of 14 games in the following year (2009) and had 3 touchdowns and ten receptions for 108 yards. In 2010, Allen started in all thirteen games and was selected in the 2nd team All-ACC after recording thirty-three receptions for 373 yards.

The initial 7 games of the player’s junior season saw him making twenty-seven receptions for 381 yards along with 4 touchdowns.

The player was given the John Mackey Award in 2011 on 8th December. The player graduated from Clemson University on 9th August 2014.


Professional Football Career

The Indianapolis Colts drafted Allen in the NFL Draft of 2012 as the 64th overall pick. Allen was the 2nd tight-end to be acquired in the draft and the 2nd to be chosen by the Colts.

The player helped Andrew Luck, a fellow rookie to lead the team to a record score of 11-5. He completed the season of 2012 with three touchdowns and five hundred twenty-one receiving yards on forty-five catches.

Although the Colts had plans of making Allen a significant part of the offense for their new offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton in 2013, he had to be rested on the injured reserve after succumbing to a hip injury in the season’s first team.

Allen ended that season with only one touchdown and a catch for twenty yards.

Dwayne Allen Public Records  
The player suffered from a knee injury in the season of 2014 and yet started thirteen games for his team and had eight touchdowns and twenty-nine receptions.

Aqib Talib, a cornerback of Denver Broncos poked him on the eye on 8th November 2015. The incident led to Talib’s suspension for a game the following day. Allen was again put on injured reserve on 30th December 2015.

He signed a contract extension worth 29.4 million USD for 4 years on 7th March 2016 with the Colts. However, the colts traded the player the following year on 9th March.

The New England Patriots picked up the player and it was the first such trade between the Patriots and Colts since 1985.

Although Dwayne Allen and the Patriots reached Super Bowl LII, they lost to the Philadelphia Eagles.

In 2018, he was not included in the offense line-up of the Patriots because he had just 3 catches for twenty-seven yards in that season. However, the team praised the player for his blocking.

Eventually, Allen and the Patriots won Super Bowl LIII by defeating the Los Angeles Rams. The Patriots released him on 2nd March 2019.

The Miami Dolphins signed Dwayne Allen on 9th March 2019 for a 2-year deal worth 6.5 million USD. They released him though on 31st August 2019 because he had an injury.

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