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Emanuela de Paula Background Check, Emanuela de Paula

Emanuela de Paula Celebrity Life

Emanuela de Paula was born on 25 April in the year 1989. Emanuela de Paula is a model who has come from the state of Brazil. over the previous two weeks of the season, Emanuela de Paula has become the star of United Kingdom's retailer Next and therefore can be featured in the 2009 year's Pirelli Calendar.

Emanuela de Paula has also succeeded in a model as that of the current pattern for Gina Tricot, a Swedish apparel shop.

Emanuela de Paula was conceived to a Brazilian White mother and a Brazilian Afro father. She even claimed that she is among the only African Americans in the design industry.


At just the age of nine, Emanuela de Paula first developed a passion in fashion and immediately secured a supermarket commercial. Emanuela de Paula toured model companies before the time of life when she was at the age of 15.

Emanuela De Paula joined the very first organization that she would see for the Marilyn Organization. Her initial campaign was in New York City in 2005, culminating in modeling jobs for:

She has featured in advertisements for:

  • Wardrobe,
  • Blended,
  • Prescriptives,
  • Sephora,
  • Top

Her publications cover:

  • Allure
  • French
  • Women's Wear every day

Emanuela de Paula had secured several beauty ads before the age of 20:

  • the MAC Barbie Line and
  • the Prescriptives
Emanuela de Paula Background Check

She appeared in the 2008, 2010 and 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. De Paula rated the 11th best paying supermodel for 2009, receiving $2.5million, based on the most recent report by Forbes magazine.

She walked down the end of the fashion walk for São Paulo of the massive Fashion Week, one of Brazil's biggest modeling shows today.

De Paula has been described by The Society Management as from 2014. She was with Jon Kortajarena every week for the next campaign and in her TV commercial released on September 10.

Emanuela de Paula is really not like anybody else. She left the hardship of becoming a nation-famous fashion model in her hometown in Brazil.

Emanuela de Paula has a distinctive appearance, as a woman of color, in a field made up of white women. Emanuela de Paula blossomed against all the challenges into a popular icon in ads and runways around the planet.

Her experience is an inspiring portrayal of hardship in any town or village, as an inspiration for teenagers and young adults.


She actually began modeling while most people enjoyed cartoon characters in their pajamas. Her first modeling job had been for a Brazilian store.

She submitted an application with her first modeling agency while she was still 15. She began modeling runway for Ralph Lauren and has since been published in a W Magazine post.

Emanuela de Paula has modeled for Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, and also Victoria's Secret, where she appeared three separate times in their iconic Fashion Show.

Emanuela de Paula has also been the founder of the London chain Next and the Gina Tricot Swedish clothes shop.

Emanuela de Paula Public Records
Earlier this month, Emanuela de Paula has been modeling swimsuits for August Official Swimwear and Animale Brazil and Elle Brazil apparel.

Emanuela de Paula is proud of her Brazilian heritage and reveals this value in her recent projects.

Although not as famous as other models and actresses, Emanuela de Paula has a wide presence on social media. Emanuela de Paula has nearly 100,000 followers on social media and more than 150,000 fans on Twitter.

Her streams reflect on her favorite pastimes and she experiences the growing environments she passes through. Thankfully, most social networking sites don't have a vast volume of false ads used.

De Paula has its own web forum too, Manu By Manu. This is packed with images of her travels in various lovely locations, both in regard to work and with her children.

Not all had Emanuela the right body shape. While she was younger she had cellulite problems. She was able to solve the issue, after some dietary adjustments and hormone therapy.

On top of this, she was shown the value of diet and healthy eating behaviors.

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