Emmanuel Sanders Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Rannie A.

Emmanuel Sanders Background Check, Emmanuel Sanders Public Records

Emmanuel Sanders Celebrity Life

Emmanuel Sanders is an American born professional footballer who plays in the wide receiver position for the NFL team New Orleans Saints. Emmanuel was a born athlete and played college football for Southern Methodist University.

He was picked up by Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2010 Draft of NFL in the third round. He is a joint winner of the popular super bowl 50 along with Denver Broncos. He was born on the 17th of March, 1987 in Bellville, Texas.


High School Career

Emmanuel Sanders did his high school from the Bellville School in his hometown. He was always athletic and played multiple sports like basketball, baseball, and track events along with football.

As a senior, he was very quick in his rushing and recorded 499 yards along with a total of 6 touchdowns. He also caught up upon his impressive feat with 24 catches for a total of 414 yards.

His defensive game was just as impressive with a total of 49 clean tackles and intercepting on three occasions.

Emmanuel Sanders Background Check
Sanders was hence named as the Teams Most Valuable Player and also the prestigious Tri-County nominated most Offensive Player of the Year for his scintillating performance in the senior season. Sanders earned in a total of 7 All-District honors during his high school career.

He was rated low by sports rating agencies Scout.com and Rivals.com as a two-star player. Sanders had many offers from various universities such as Baylor, Kansas, and Houston, but chose Southern Methodist University over others.

College Career

After joining Southern Methodist University, Sanders played impressive seasons for the university team. In his freshman year, he showcased a good showing with 9 touchdowns.

His record of 46 receptions for a distance of 605 yards was average for his standards.

He improved upon his game in sophomore, junior, and senior years with records of 74-889, 67-958, and 98-1339. Sanders also recorded touchdowns of 9, 9, and 7 in those years.

His fantastic performance in the final two seasons saw him covet the All-Conference honors.


Professional Football Career

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers picked up Sanders in the 2010 NFL Draft upon the third round. He was the second of the right wide players selected by Steelers.


His First Season with Steelers saw him play 13 games with a record of 28 reception for yardage of 376 along with two touchdowns.


His second season with Steelers, Sanders played in 16 games with 44 receptions with a yardage of 626 along with one touchdown


His 3rd season with the Steelers, Sanders in 16 games had 67 reception with yardage of 740 and a touchdown count of 6.

Emmanuel Sanders Public Records

Denver Broncos


In 2014, Sanders signed up with Denver Broncos for a $15 Million contract after Steelers did not extend his contract. Sanders had a fantastic first season under broncos with a personal best record of 101 in receptions, yardage of 1404 along with 9 touchdowns.


Sanders's second season under Denver Broncos saw him receive 74 receptions with yardage of 1135 along with 6 touchdowns.


Sanders finished the 3rd season with a record of 79 receptions, yardage of 1032, and a total of 5 touchdowns.

His next three years under the Denver Broncos saw Sanders lose his streak of scintillating performance, thereby leading to a trade to San Francisco 49ers by 2019.

San Francisco 49ers

Sanders played one season under San Francisco 49ers where he managed a reception of 66 with yardage of 869 along with 5 touchdowns.

New Orleans Saints

On the 6th of April, 2020, Emmanuel Sanders signed a $16 million contract for a two year period with the New Orleans Saints. The contract further allowed for bonuses which could further his earning to a whopping $19 Million.

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