Enos Slaughter Celebrity Life and Background Check

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Enos Slaughter Background Check, Enos Slaughter Public Records

Enos Slaughter Celebrity Life

A famous Right fielder in Major League Baseball history is Enos Slaughter. He was nicknamed as the Country by his fans. He played for about 19 seasons and he majorly played for the St. Louis Cardinals league. H

e has scored the winning run during the Baseball World Series in the year 1946. He has won the All-star title ten times and has been inducted into National Baseball Hall of Fame for his brilliant display of sportsmanship and comradeship.



Enos was born in the year 1916 in North Carolina. His family lived in Roxboro. He earned the name Country as he was from the countryside. He made his MLB debut in the year 1938 with St. Louis Cardinals. Slaughter had a great interest in playing baseball when young and he batted left and threw right in his games.

He joined the minor league and played games for Georgia. He has a good field record in Minor league baseball. Enos had accumulated 245 hits and 147 runs while playing for Columbus Georgia.

Enos Slaughter Background Check

Slaughter’s MLB career began with Cardinals. He had a smooth swing action which was very popular among fans. He was a reliable hitter. Throughout his career, he has hit 2383 runs that included 163 home runs and 1304 RBI. He has played 19 seasons with Cardinals. He also played for Yankees, Kansas Athletics, and Milwaukee Braves. Slaughter played nearly five world-series. He has scored the fourth position for playing a maximum number of games for the Cardinals. He was the NL RBI leader in 1946.

He played wearing No 9 Jersey for Cardinals and Jersey was retired along with Enos. He joined the military service during the war and he returned to play baseball in 1946. He led cardinals to play National League. His Mad dash for a home during the world-series against Boston Red-sox was very famous. It was considered one of the best moments in the history of baseball. Slaughter was popular for his hustle where-in he ran fast to the first base by speed walking.



Enos received awards for playing excellent in World Series matches. He was inducted in the baseball hall of fame and Louis Cardinal Hall of Fame museum. His jersey number 6 was retired post his retirement as a tribute to his excellent game. The cardinals erected a statue of the Mad dash In honor of Slaughter. 

Enos Slaughter Public Records

Personal life

Slaughter led a private life post his retirement from MLB games. Though he was a manager and coach, he did not involve too much in public life and social behavior. One of his cousins was a gospel musician. Slaughter died in 2002. He suffered from lymphoma. He was later buried in North Carolina with the biggest player of his season attending the last rights

Net Worth

With 10 All-stars to his credit, Enos was a higher-paid baseball player of his time. He worked as a player-manager for Houston Buffs for some time and also managed the Raleigh Capitals in 1961. He also coached students at Duke University. Whatever he earned in the tenure was only through his expertise in baseball.


During his on-field tenure, the slaughter had insulted and racially taunted black player Jackie Robinson. There were also rumors that Slaughter conspired with another player to stop cardinals from playing against Brooklyn. He had also physically assaulted Robinson on the field.

When these incidents grabbed a lot of negative attention, Slaughter denied all the allegations and even recorded a statement that he was being framed as he was a southern boy. But news and print media have declared that the injuries visibly shown on Robinson were a result of Slaughter’s anger.

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