Eric Heiden Celebrity Life and Background Check

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Eric Heiden Background Check, Eric Heiden Public Records

Eric Heiden Celebrity Life

Eric Heiden is a famous speed skater who has bagged 5 gold medals in the Winter Olympic Games of 1980. The event was hosted at Lake Placid in the state of New York. He created new Olympic records n different categories along with a world record in the category of 10,000-meter race.

He has won more gold medals as compared to any athlete in one Winter Olympics and thus became an internationally famous celebrity. Eric Heiden has now retired from skating.


Childhood and Early Years

Born on 14th June 1958, Eric Arthur Heiden belongs to a competitive and athletic family. His birthplace is Madison in Wisconsin while Jack, his father used to be an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine. His dad was also a former fencing champion and a cyclist.

On the other hand, Nancy, his mother, was a senior champion of tennis in Madison and also a cyclist and a swimmer. Even Beth, his younger sister followed his footsteps and won a bronze medal at the Olympics of 1980.

Eric Heiden Background Check
In Wisconsin, Skating is an extremely popular sport because winters are frozen and long while lakes are in abundance. His grandfather took to a frozen pond for skating when he was only 2-year-old. Although this former sportsman had a small stature, he made up for this shortcoming by being extremely alert and aggressive.

Heiden was an excellent shooter and had dreams of playing professional hockey. His parents enrolled both the kids in the Madison Figure Skating Club. It was here that both the brother and sister learned to control and skill on the ice.

However, the two young skaters also felt frustrated as they simply wished to race and go fast around the skating rink. Both Heiden and his sister were happier when they were put at a speed skating club in their locality.

 Career and Accolades

In 1977, Heiden backed the World Junior Speed Skating Championships. He also repeated this accomplishment in the following year. Although his speed skating career was short, he bagged 4 World Sprint Championships and 3 World Allround Championships.

Heiden broke the world record thrice in the one thousand meters once in 10000 and 1500 meters each, and twice in the three thousand meters.

In 1980, he completed his illustrious career in speed skating by finishing 2nd and was only behind Hilbert van der Duim at the World Allround Championships held in Heerenveen.

He also remained at the top of a ranking system called the Adelskalender for 1,495 days a record in itself for long-track speed skating. Heiden was the 4 times winner of the Oscar Mathisen Award consecutively from 1977 to 1980.

Eric Heiden Public Records
He was also given the James E. Sullivan Award in 1980, which is awarded to America’s top amateur athlete. In 1983, Heiden’s name was included in the Olympic Hall of Fame in the United States. He was chosen to be inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame for Wisconsin in the year 1990.

Heiden is an iconic sportsman in the field of speed skating. His wins are significant because there are very few speed skaters and athletes who have been winners in long-distance and sprint events.

After retiring from skating, Heiden spent time with cycling. He also resumed his medical career and completed his graduation from Stanford Medical School. Heiden specialized in orthopedic surgery.

Despite his busy schedule, he is still related to the sports world and became a member of the medical team for a couple of basketball teams. He has been also a regular sports commentator on TV broadcasts for skating.

Personal Life

Eric Heiden met Karen Drews a fellow medical student when the duo was studying together at Stanford. The couple got married in 1995. Their daughter Zoe was born in the year 2001.

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