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Felix Hernandez Celebrity Life

Born on 8th April 1986, Felix Hermandez has been given the nickname of King Felix. He is a professional baseball pitcher of Venezuelan American origin and is currently a free agent. Hernandez has played the MLB or Major League Baseball for the team Seattle Mariners and made his debut in MLB in 2005.

Hernandez threw the twenty-third perfect game in the history of the MLB while his team played against the Tampa Bay Rays. His team won the match against Safeco Field in a score of 1-0. It also happened to be the 1st perfect game in the history of the Seattle Mariners franchise. Hernandez's perfect game is the most recent in MLB.


The player claimed on 23rd April 2016 a record for maximum strikeouts by a pitcher of the Mariners after striking out Los Angeles Angels' Rafael Ortega. He had 2, 163rd strikeout in the capacity of a Marine pitcher. Randy Johnson had held the earlier 2, 162 strikeouts record.

Background Check Felix Hernandez
Early Years

Born in Venezuela's Valencia, Hernandez was initially discovered y one of the part-time Mariners scout called Luis Fuenmayor. The latter saw the player pitching when he was hardly around 14-year-old. It was in a tournament being held close to Maracaibo in Venezuela.

Hernandez was recommended by Fuenmayor to Emilio Carrasquel and Pedro Avila, his fellow scouts. Both of them were highly impressed with this young baseball player who could throw at a speed of90 miles per hour. Hernandez was signed by the Seattle Mariners when he was 16-year-old according to the rules of the MLB.


Once he graduated from high school, the player eventually gave nod to his 1st professional. Bob Engle, director of international operations of Mariners took the player on 4th July 2002 as a nondrafted free agent. The player was given a hefty signing bonus amounting to 710, 000 USD although he revealed that the team was not the highest bidder. Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees are some of the other teams who tried to enter into a contract with him. It was reported that both these teams offered more money to the player than Seattle.

Felix Hernandez Public Records
A key reason why the player opted for the Mariners above other teams was Freddy Garcia, his idol and fellow Venezuelan pitcher was also pitched for the same time then. Wil Polidor, Hermandez's agent said that his decision to join Mariners was influenced by Felix Sr, the player's father. Felix who was an owner of the trucking business handled negotiations for Hernandez on behalf of this son.

Professional Baseball Playing Career

The player traveled to the United States of America and started pitching for the minor league system of the Mariners. He succumbed to an injury but was called by the Mariners to the MLB after his return. Hernandez played his debut game on 4th August 2005 though his team was defeated in a road game played against the Detroit Tigers. When Hernandez was only 19 years and 118 days, he had the distinction of becoming the youngest pitcher of the game to play in MLB since the player Jose Rijo in 1984.

International Baseball Career

He represented Venezuela, his native country in the World Baseball Classic of 2009. During his 1st outing, the player had pitched 4 innings in relief. The player also played for Venezuela in the World Baseball Classic of 2017.

Personal Life

The player and his wife gave two children and live in Clyde Hill. Hernandez is referred to as Abraham, his middle name by his relatives and family. Moises, his older brother has spent twelve seasons participating in various minor league baseball games in different organizations.

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