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Fergie Jenkins Background Check, Fergie Jenkins Public Records

Fergie Jenkins Celebrity Life

Every sport has seen a few great legends that every other player wants to emulate. In fact, every other player wants to become as great as the legends. One such player who used to be an inspiration to a number of players was Fergie Jenkins, who not only played baseball but who was a coach as well. Let us know more about him.

Fergie Jenkins was born on 13th December 1942 and he played professional baseball for MLB's teams such as Philadelphia Phillies, Texas Rangers, Chicago Cubs, and Red Sox of Boston. It can easily be said that the period between 1965 and 1983 during which he played was eventful for Jenkins.


The majority of Jenkins' MLB career was with Chicago Cubs. Apart from being an NL or National League player, he was an All-Star player for Cubs for 3 seasons. As a pitcher for Cubs, he was the first player from Canada to have been bestowed with the award of CY Young. Jenkins showed his mettle by being the 20-game winner for six consecutive seasons with Cubs.

In 1971 and 1974, he was NL and AL win leader in 1971 and 1974 respectively. As far as complete games are concerned, he was an NL leader in 3 years and AL leader in 1974. In strikeouts during 1969, he could lead the NL. His career graph shows that he had more than 3,000 strikeouts.

Fergie Jenkins Background Check
Jenkins was a basketball player as well. He played the game during the off-seasons between 1967 and 1969 for a team called Harlem Globetrotters. He was a pitcher for Canadian minor league's London Majors. In 2019, he was inducted into Fame Hall of National Baseball.

The Early Life of Jenkins

Jenkins' birthplace was Chatham, Ontario and his parents were Sr., Ferguson Jenkins, and Delores Jackson. His father was a chauffeur as well as a chef. Both of his parents were very good athletes. Perhaps, this had inspired the young Jenkins to compete in field and track events, basketball, and ice hockey during his school years.

Though he began his baseball career in the first baseman level, he developed pitching skills by practicing vigorously with coal pieces. Gene Dziadura, who had been playing for minor league's Chicago Cubs and who had been a scout with Philadelphia Phillies, encouraged him. Till Jenkins graduated, he continued his association with Gene Dziadura.

The professional baseball of Jenkins.


The MLB Career of Jenkins

It was in 1962 MLB's Philadelphia Phillies entered into a contract with Jenkins. It was during 1965 he made his debut in the major league but very soon, he joined Chicago Cubs thanks to trade between the two teams. Perhaps this helped Jenkins blossom into one among the greatest pitchers the major league had seen. During his first year itself with Cubs during 1967, he showed his talents by recording 20 wins. Apart from being nominated for voting for the award of Cy Young, he was chosen as a player for All-Star Game also.

Jenkins' Career during 1971

Jenkins kept improving his game. On the 6th of April 1971, he began his stint for the year with Cubs from the game of the opening day. Thanks to his skills in the matches during the season, he became the month's NL player. The All-Star game beckoned him and so, he took part in it. This led to his being included in the MVP voting in which he finished seventh. During 1971, he was conferred with the year's award of CY Young of NL.

The Later Seasons of Jenkins

Even just a peep into Jenkins' career till 1972 will reveal that he consecutively achieved 20 or more than 20 wins for the sixth time in 1972. Though he decided against playing further, he joined Texas Rangers, thanks to trade between teams. The 1974 season saw him achieve his personal best performance by recording 25 wins. Among the year's comeback players, he was chosen as the best in the list.

Fergie Jenkins Public Records
It was during May 1980, Jenkins recorded a win for the 250th time. But since he was suspected of using cocaine, marijuana, and hashish, he was suspended indefinitely. But the decision was overturned and Jenkins returned to the game and the league. He could play actively until he retired in 1983.

Jenkins' Baseball Career in Canada

After his retirement in 1983 from MLB, Jenkins decided to continue playing. He played for London Majors, a team of the minor leagues, that operated from London, Ontario.

The Post-Baseball Career of Jenkins.

Jenkins joined the Liberal Party of Ontario and ran for the general election in 1985 but he lost in the hustings.

The Honors, Awards, and Accolades Jenkins Won

Chicago Cubs retired number 31, that was Jenkins's number, in 2009. He won the Trophy of Lou Marsh in 1974. He won the year's male athlete award four times. In 1987, he was inducted into the Fame Hall of Canadian Baseball. In 1991, in New York's Cooperstown, he was inducted in the Baseball Fame Hall.

The 1991 All-Star game of Baseball that was held in Canada's Toronto was a dedication to him. Ontario Sports Fame Hall was conferred on him in 1995. In 2003, he was chosen as Baseball Canadian League's commissioner. In 2011, the Fame Hall of Ontario Sports created the Jenkins Ferguson Heritage Award as a mark of honor to his talents. In 2010, Canada Post announced that a postage stamp would be released in his honor.

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