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Frank Thomas Celebrity Life

Frank Edward Thomas Jr. or Frank Thomas is a former American Baseball professional. He was born on May 27th, 1968. He was also known by the nickname, "The Big Hurt". He is a Hall of Famer and played for 3 MLB teams including the Chicago White Sox. He featured in the All-Star team of the MLB five times.

He is the only player in the history of the major league to play seven successive seasons with an average batting tally of .300, 100 scored runs, 20 home runs, 100 RBIs, and 100 walks. He also succeeded in winning the batting title of the American League in 1997, registering a .347 score.


Thomas was voted as the MVP of the American League unanimously in 1993. In the same year, Thomas became the very first player from the White Sox to register 40 home runs as he took the team to their division title. He became the MVP the following season although he was sidelined for a portion of the season he came up with a .353 score batting and led the league in runs and slugging.

Frank Thomas Background Check
After 2 below par seasons, he lost the vote by a fine margin although he recorded his career-best with 143 RBIs and 43 home runs. He won the Comeback Player of the Year award in the American League. Towards the latter part of his career, he suffered from several foot problems that confined him to the role of a designated hitter. During 2005, he played in just 34 games after starting the year in the Disabled list. It was his final season with Chicago. He underwent a surgery in his bone the season before that.

During the time of his retirement, he equaled the American League list for the number of home runs with 521 and was 9th in terms of RBIs with 1704, and ranked 6th for walk count with 1667. From players with a minimum of 7000 at-bats in the American League, he was ranked 8th in slugging average with .555 and 9th in terms of on-base % with .419. He had a batting average score of .301 and turned the 7th player ever to end the game with a minimum of 500 home runs and .300 average.

 He is the record-holder for the franchise White Sox in terms of runs with 1327, RBIs with 1465, doubles with 447, and home runs with 448. The team retired his jersey number 35 in 2010 and opened a statue at the U.S. Cellular Field. He became a member of the Hall of Fame of Baseball in 2014. This was also his first year of eligibility and became the first White Sox player to achieve this.

Frank Thomas Public Records
He was one of the players who did not come under doubt when the wave of drug usage hit the MLB in the 1990s. He always advocated drug testing and readily agreed to get interviewed in the Mitchell Report of 2007.


He retired when he topped the number of home runs made by a designated hitter with 269. However, the record was broken later.

He is the sole player in the MLB history to strike more than 100 sacrifice flies and not get a sacrifice bunt


He was picked to the Hall of Fame of National Baseball in the year 2014. He received close to 83.7% of the votes in his first eligible year. He was inducted as the player of the White Sox. He was the very first player to get inducted yet played more matches as the designated hitter compared to the post of a position player.

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