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 George Zettlein Celebrity Life

George Zettlein was a professional American baseball player who played during the latter period of the nineteenth century. He was a right-handed pitcher who was born in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York on the 12th of July, 1844.

His baseball career lasted for six seasons. During that period he played for five different teams. For the first five seasons, he played in the National Association and only during his final season he played in the National League.
Role in the team

Zettlein was a right-handed pitcher who batted right-handed and threw right-handed.


Zettlein began his baseball career in 1865 as a member of the National Association of Base Ball Players. The first team he played for was the Eckford of Brooklyn. He played for them for one year and then joined the Brooklyn Atlantics. Zettlein continued to play for the Brooklyn Atlantics till 1870.

George Zettlein Background Check
The following year he made his debut into the National Association. The first team he played for was the Chicago White Stockings. Zettlein was the unfortunate distinction of giving away the first home run scored that season. Also, he has the unfortunate distinction of giving away the first grand slam of the same season.

The home run was given in May of 1871 while the grand slam was given away during September of the same year. The National Association was started in that year. So in effect, the first home run and the first grand slam to happen in the National Association were against him.

In 1872 he played for two teams. The first was the Troy Haymakers while the second was the Brooklyn Eckfords. During the 1872 season, his team won 15 times and lost 16 times. However, the exact number of each team is not known. Following this, he played for the Philadelphia White Stockings in 1873.

 During that season he was able to help his team win 36 games. After that season he played for the Chicago White Stockings. He stayed there for two seasons. However, midway of the 1875 season, he moved back to the Philadelphia White Stockings. He retired from professional baseball during the 1876 season. During that season he played for the Philadelphia Athletics.

At the end of his career he was a part of the winning team 129 times, the losing team 112 times, and his earned run average was 2.55. He affected 34 strikeouts during his career. The highest number of strikeouts he had in one season was 12. This happened in the 1875 season.

George Zettlein Public Records

During his career, Zettlein took part in 13 shutouts. The most number of shutouts he took part in one season was six. It was 1875 when he played for the Chicago White Stockings. He was the shutout leader of the National Association for the 1875 season.

Zettlein has 17 home runs hit against him. The highest was six and that happened during his first season in Major League Baseball.

Throughout his career, Zettlein had scored 142 runs and as a pitcher affected 143 strikeouts. The most number of strikeouts he constructed in a season was 31. That was in 1875, however, he played for two teams that year. In terms of a pitcher for a single team, it would be 29. This happened in the 1873 season.

Zettlein batting average for his full career was .210. The highest batting average he had .250 which he had during the 1871 season and the lowest was 0.088 which was during the latter half of the 1872 season.

Zettlein had three 20 wins seasons (1873-1875) and one 30 wins a season (1873).

George Zettlein died in Patchogue, New York on 22nd of May 1905. He was 60 years old at the time.

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