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Gerald McCoy Celebrity Life

Gerald McCoy, a football player from the USA, was born on 25th February 1988. He is at present playing the position of a defensive tackle for Dallas Cowboys at the NFL level.

During his college years, he played the game at Oklahoma. His performance on the field earned him the All-American honors. Buccaneers of Tampa Bay drafted him as the third overall for the NFL of 2010.

His consistency in performance got him selection for the Pro Bowl team six times. He got selected for the All-Pro First Team three times.


The Early Years of McCoy

The birthplace of McCoy was the city of Oklahoma. His parents were Patricia McCoy and Gerald McCoy, the senior. He studied at the high school of the Southeast in the city of Oklahoma.

During those school years, he played for Southeast Spartans. He took part in track competitions as well.

After recording 20 sacks and 83 tackles that included 23 for loss, he was chosen for the all-state, all-area, all-metro junior team in 2004.

When he was a senior, McCoy recorded 20 sacks and 82 tackles. He could recover nine fumbles as well. He got innumerable awards that included USA Today's Defensive Player of the Nation for the year 2005.

After the senior season, he played for the All-American Bowl of the US Army in 2006. In the field & track events, he was a top performer of the state in shot put. His achievement in top-throw was 16.90 meters

Gerald McCoy Background Check ranked him among the five-star recruits. In fact, his rank was No.1 among the defensive tackle prospects. Almost all the major schools in the US recruited him.

Though he made official visits to Southern California, Miami, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, and Louisiana State, he decided to commit to Sooners of his home-state on the signing day of the nation.

The College Career of McCoy

During his college years between 2006 and 2009, McCoy played for "Sooners" of Oklahoma.


McCoy was redshirted during the season of 2006. 2007 saw him being named the year's best freshman in the defensive position.


The year 2008 was McCoy's sophomore season. The matches he played included games against Texas and Florida.

His performances were so good that he was chosen for the All-American First Team of Sporting News, AP's All-American second team, and the year's best defensive player of Big 12 award.


Though he was a bright prospect for the NFL draft of 2009, McCoy returned to Oklahoma for playing in the junior season. put him at rank No. 2 in 2009's college football's defensive tackle.

A foundation called Walter Camp voted him for the All-American First Team. McCoy was one of the few Sooner players to have received repeated All-America honors.

After the season for 2008 ended, Sports Illustrated and Sporting News named him for the All-America teams.

On 10th November, he was among the four finalists for the Lombardi Award for 2009. He was the lone non-senor on this list of finalists.


The Professional Career of McCoy

2010 Draft of NFL

McCoy found himself as a top prospect for the 2010 Draft of NFL It was a team called Buccaneers of Tampa Bay that drafted him as the third overall pick for the 2010 Draft of the NFL.

He and the team entered into a five-year deal on 31st July 2010. The deal was worth $63 million.

McCoy's stint with Buccaneers of Tampa Bay

2010 season

McCoy's debut at the NFL happened in a match that was played on 12th September against Cleveland Browns.

The matches he played for Buccaneers during 2010 included those against Philadelphia Eagles, San- Francisco 49ers, and Baltimore Ravens.

On 12th December, McCoy sustained an injury which was found to be a torn biceps on the left hand and so, the team placed him on the injury reserve.

2011 season

In the 2011 season also, McCoy suffered from injuries and so, he could appear only in 11 games. The issues he faced were a torn right biceps and an injury in the ankle.

2012 season

In 2012, McCoy started playing with a vengeance and his performances helped him earn a berth in Pro Bowl for the first time.

2013 season

McCoy's form was good in the season of 2013. The matches he played during the year were those against Miami Dolphins and Atlanta Falcons.

He could secure a berth in the 2013 Pro-Bowl and it was the second time he earned it. Pro-Football Focus ranked him as the 2013 season's most talented defensive tackle. He was also named for All-Pro's first team by Associated Press.

Gerald McCoy Public Records
2014 season

On 25th October 2014, McCoy entered into a deal extension with Tampa Bay. It was a 7-year deal and it was worth $98 million.

He suffered another injury during the 15th week and hence, he had to remain as an injury reserve. But his injury did not stop his selection for the Pro-Bowl for the third time.

2015 season

Despite his shoulder and hand ailments during the 2015 season, McCoy could perform significantly well. Players who played along with him ranked him at the 63rd position in 2016's list of 100 top NFL players.

2016 season

The 2016 season saw McCoy being named for the Pro-Bowl for the fifth time consecutively. He was chosen for All-Pro's second team as well. He earned the 52nd rank in the list of 2017's 100 top NFL players.

2017 season

On 19th December 2017, McCoy was chosen for the Pro-Bowl team for the sixth time on a consecutive basis.

On 20th May 2019, Buccaneers released McCoy. He played for nine seasons for the team.

McCoy's stint with Carolina Panthers

On the 3rd of June 2019, McCoy entered into a deal with Carolina Panthers.

McCoy's stint with Dallas Cowboys

On 31st March 2020, McCoy entered into a three-year deal with Dallas Cowboys.

The Personal Life of McCoy

McCoy studied at Oklahoma University and his major was human relations. He received an award for the year 2012 for inspiring the youth and the award was given by Little Scholars.

In 2012, he helped Buccaneers of Tampa Bay with a check for $100,000 so that they could build a field in Clearwater for the community of North Greenwood.

McCoy married Ebony McCoy, and they have been blessed with five children. He has acted in an episode of a TV series called The League.

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