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Hal Newhouser Celebrity Life

Hal Newhouser or Harold Newhouser was a famous American professional baseball player. Born in 1921, he is widely considered to be the sport’s most talented pitcher in the 1940s. Newhouser pitched 17 seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB) from the years spanning 1939-1955, for the Cleveland Indians and Detroit Tigers.

Hal Newhouser was an All-Star for six seasons. Among his many achievements, he won a pitcher’s triple crown for the Tigers in 1945. Hal Newhouser was inducted into the National Baseball House of Fame in 1992.

Post-baseball, Newhouser worked as a scout for various MLB teams. He also worked as a bank vice president for about 20 years.


Early years

Harold Newhouser went to Wilbur Wright High School in his hometown Detroit, Michigan. He had been saving money to attend a trade school when he was approached by professional baseball teams. Newhouser worked a motley crew of odd jobs such as selling newspapers, working in bowling alleys and collecting pop bottles before he began his career as a professional baseball player.

 Hal Newhouser Background Check

At the early age of 18, Newhouser was signed on by the MLB team Detroit Tigers in 1939. The scout from Tigers offered him a joining bonus of $500 – a sum Tigers could not have imagined having in his possession.

Although Hal earned himself considerably decent earned run averages (ERAs) in 1942 and 1943, he still lost more games than he won. It wasn’t until 1944 that he became a dominant pitcher. He charted a 29-9 record that year and led the league in wins as well as strikeouts. Hal’s 2.2 ERA stood second in the league, as did his 25 complete games and six shutouts. Thanks to Newhouser, the Tigers came second in the American League and Hal was named MVP.

 Hal Newhouser won the first Sporting News Pitcher of the Year Award in 1944. By the time the next season came around, Newhouser had been chosen for three consecutive AL All-Star teams. In 1945, the scheduled All-Star game was postponed. Newhouser became the first pitcher to repeat as MVP that season and helped the Tigers win the World Series. He won the pitcher’s Triple Crown leading the AL in wins, ERA, and strikeouts.

In fact, Newhouser led the league in games started, completed games, shutouts and innings pitched. He won the second Sporting News Pitcher of the Year Award as well. With this, Hal became the youngest player to have won the award in two consecutive years.

 Hal Newhouser Public Records

Later Career

Even post-1946, Hal Newhouser continued to be counted as among the world’s best pitchers for the next five years. He played prominently until 1950 when he suffered an arm injury and had to slow down. In 1953, Hal was released by the Detroit Tigers. He began playing for the Cleveland Indians from 1954.

In his final big league match, he notched up 7-2 with a 2.54 ERA and won a chance to pitch in the World Series again. Newhouser ended his professional baseball playing career with a record of 207-150 and an ERA of 3.06. Newhouser is the only pitcher in history to win consecutive MVP awards.

Hal played as number.16 for the Detroit Tigers. The Detroit Tigers retired the number in 1997, in homage to him.

Rounding up

Hal Newhouser is fondly remembered as “Prince Hal” for his princely demeanor, on and off-field. He was married to Beryl Newhouser. Hal Newhouser died in 1998 in Michigan. He had been ill with emphysema and other heart issues.

Harold Newhouser is one of the finest baseball pitchers the world has ever seen, who played in wartime America. Hal’s impressive left-arm won him many accolades in his career as a professional baseball player.

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