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by Laurein A.

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Haley Joel Osment Celebrity Life

American actor Haley Joel Osment’s father could have been responsible for fast-tracking his entry into the world of professional acting for he avoided using baby talk while speaking to his son when he was learning to communicate. Son of a teacher mother and actor father Haley was born in Los Angeles and probably had all the cards in his favor when he decided to take up acting as a career. As a child, he was into a lot of things including wrestling, basketball, football, and golf but acting turned out to be his vocation of choice.


His entry into the world of acting was as fortuitous as possible. A chance meeting with a talent agent in a mall got him an audition where he was asked to describe the biggest thing that he has seen. His version of an IMAX theatre screen bagged him a part in a Pizza Hut TV advertisement. This led to bigger things and a role in the TV sitcom Thunder Alley which was his debut.

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He made his first appearance in a film role in the 1994 Tom Hanks starred Forrest Gump where he played Forrest Gump’s son. Following this, he took up a number of roles in different television serials and also made guest appearances in shows like Ally McBeal and The Larry Sanders Show. He starred in the fantasy film Bogus (1996) with Whoopi Goldberg but the film did not do well commercially.

Into Stardom

It was, however, the 1999 horror drama The Sixth Sense which catapulted Haley into stardom. Made on a budget of $40 million the film grossed more than $672 million worldwide. He was nominated for the Oscar for Best Supporting Role, becoming the youngest actor to be nominated in the category.

In 2000 he bagged the Steven Spielberg film A.I. Artificial Intelligence only adding to his growing reputation as a precocious talent. He was widely acknowledged as one of the best actors working and to prove he versatility his voice did the star turn for the Walt Disney productions The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Jungle Book 2 among others. Haley also expanded his horizons dabbling in other aspects of filmmaking with the black comedy Montana Amazon (2012) where he was involved both as an actor and an executive producer.

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Fighting On

Haley made his Broadway debut playing a heroin addict in American Buffalo (2008) but did not receive a very encouraging response and the shows were discontinued after the first week. He played the lead role in the comedy SexEd (2010) but the film did not do too well after receiving generally unappreciative reviews. He experienced a lull in his career during this phase before doing the comedy miniseries The Spoils of Babylon and The Spoils Before Dying where his costars were Tobey Maguire, Tim Robbins, and Val Kilmer among others.

This was followed by roles in the 2 films of the True North trilogy the comedy horrors Tusk (2014) which do not do well commercially and Yoga Hosers (2016) which was roundly criticized and was a big flop. His roles in this period were essentially from the comedy genre and he played a role in the 4th Season of TV series Silicon Valley-based on 5 men who get together to organize a startup In Silicon Valley.

On the Personal Front

Osment has not done too badly in the golfing circuit either, he has been a part of the U.S team in the All-Star Cup 2005 and played under American Top 10 pro golfer Mark O’Meara. Mark has been leading a pretty private life and there is no report of him being involved with anybody apart from a solitary relationship with American actress and singer Mae Whitman. The actor is currently worth $12 million dollars.

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