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Henry Hynoski Celebrity Life

Early Life

Born on December 30, 1988, Henry Hynoski is a retired American football fullback. He was born and raised in Elysburg, Pennsylvania where he started playing football for the high school team. His ancestors are from Poland, and they used to have Chojnowski surname.

When they arrived in the US, they changed their surname to Hynoski. Henry studied in one of the high schools of Southern Columbia Areas and played for the team. He was excellent at his game and won many matches for the Southern Columbian team.


After he finished school, he enrolled in the University of Pittsburgh, where he got a scholarship as well.

During his college days, Henry was the head of class "A" state championships for the college four times. In the final year of college, he decided to forgo and registered himself for the NFL draft.


Bypassing his senior season, Hynoski left empty-handed, but eventually signed when the NFL lockout ended, and by the end of his rookie season in 2011 he was a Super Bowl champion.

An Achilles tendon injury and a 40-yard toss failure at an NFL combine harmed his stock, but the third-round draft pick in 2009 became a free agent after last season.

Henry Hynoski Background Check
He also caught 11 passes for 50 yards and a touchdown in his second season as a starter, but Hynoski, who was deployed as a blocking back for Ahmad Bradshaw, had five carries for 20 yards last season.

Hynoski was given the starting lineup after the Giants dropped veteran Madison Hedgecock due to injury. The former Pittsburgh pro earned the starting job when Madison Hedgecock failed physically and was sacked.

Still, he didn't have any rushing stats as he was primarily used as a blocking back for running back Ahmad Bradshaw and tight end Jason Witten.
Hynoski became one of the most successful running backs in Giants history and perhaps the best running back in football history.

He recovered from a potentially costly Hakeem Nicks fumble in the third quarter and caught two passes from 19 yards.


An injury to the scouting combine left Hynoski immobile, but even with the ball in hand, NFL scouts saw potential.

The Giants signed him to replace Madison Hedgecock, and he spent the vast majority of his snaps opening holes for the announced halfback, even though he carried the balls a few times, suggesting he was playing a linebacker.

Henry Hynoski was an NFL fullback who played four seasons for the New York Giants. The Giants finished the regular season with the second-most rushing yards in the NFL, behind the San Francisco 49ers, and the third-fewest touchdowns.

Henry Hynoski's position in professional football was, in a way, to improve the performance of his teammates.

You could say that the former fullback and Super Bowl champion has brought the same standard to the Shamokin Area football program and its players.

I hope to work with them in the future, as I did with my former teammates and coaches during my time as a player and coach.

Henry Hynoski Public Records
Stats and Achievements

As Hynoski's offensive responsibilities expanded, one of his key roles was helping lift the Giants "running game out of the doldrums of 2011.

The Giants have compiled the 14th-most rushing yards of all leagues, per Pro Team Pro Football Focus. He built on that by being the league's second-best game coordinator behind Tom Coughlin in the 2011 PFF Mid-Season.

His entire NFL career and its importance can not be understood by the data below as he helped his team win matches in more than one way.

  • Rushing yards: 21
  • Carries: 6
  • Rushing average: 3.5
  • Total touchdowns: 1
  • Receptions / Yards: 23 / 133
  • Receiving touchdowns: 1
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