Jabari Parker Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Garry S.

Jabari Parker Background Check, Jabari Parker Public Records

Jabari Parker Celebrity Life

Jabari Ali Parker is a professional player of basketball from America. He plays for Atlanta Hawks currently of NBA. He got selected by Milwaukee Bucks in the draft of NBA in the year 2014 as the second overall pick. He finished his career in college after playing for one season for Duke University.

 He was an athlete in high school. He helped his team in winning 4 continuous championships for Simeon Academy and was also called as National High School Player of the year by McDonald’s and Gatorade. During his 1st year in college for Duke Blue Devils, he was given the name of All-American, runner up for R. Wooden Award and USBWA National Freshman of the Year. His father is the former player of the NBA, Sonny Parker.

Jabari Parker Background Check

Early life

Jabari Parker was born on 15th March 1995 in Chicago. He was raised in the community area of South Shore. Jabari came to know about basketball after seeing the tournaments of his father Sonny Parker. But, his father never coached him. He used to learn new skills of basketball with his brother Christian Parker in the community area of Hyde Park for preventing the complications of the urban playing grounds. 

When he reached second grade, his skills in basketball was even better than the students of fifth grade. He even participated in the leagues of middle school as a student of fifth grade only. Jabari credits all his skills to his cousin Jay who pushed him in doing even better every day.

They both used to play basketball all night long at the church. Right after finishing his middle school, Jabari received the National Basketball Players Association Camp invitation for the top 100 players.


Professional Career

On 26th June 2014, Jabari got selected by the Milwaukee Bucks as the 2nd overall selection. He signed with the team of Bucks on 9th July. On 29th October, Jabari played his first game for the Bucks with Charlotte Hornets as the opponent. Within 37 minutes of that game, he scored 8 points, 1 assist, 4 rebounds and one steal in a loss of 108-106.

On 19th November, he was able to score second-high twenty-three points in an overall 3rd-time win against the Brooklyn Nets. On 2nd February 2018, Jabari played his first match for Bucks right after 9th February 2017 and scored 12 points in a win of 92-90 against the NY Knicks. On 21sr March 2018, he scored a season-high of twenty points within 30 minutes in a loss of 127-120 against the LA Clippers.

Jabari Parker Public Records  

On 14th July 2018, he signed with the Chicago Bulls a contract of two years which amounted to $40 million. He played his very first match for the Bulls on 18th October and scored 15 points, 5 rebounds with the Philadelphia 76ers as the opponent. On 21st November, Jabari scored 20 points with 13 rebounds with Phoenix Suns as the opponent.

On 6th February 2019, Jabari was traded to the team of Washington Wizards in exchange for Otto Porter. O1 11th July 2019, he signed with the team of Atlanta Hawks.

Personal life

Jabari is of African American and Tongan descent. His father’s name is Sonny Parker and his mother’s name is Folola Finau Parker. His father played in NBA for consecutive 6 seasons. Jabari used to work out with the basketball trainer named Tim Grover.

Right after his second year in college, he was reported by ESPN to have a GPA of 3.4. By the end of his semester year, the NY Times reported Jabari’s GPA to be 3.7. In high school, he carried only a backpack with all types of basketball equipment in it.

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