Jack Nicklaus Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Kelly G.

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Jack Nicklaus Celebrity Life

Jack Nicklaus aptly nicknamed the golden bear is one of the most prolific golfers of all time. He has won eighteen major championship games, besting even the current superstar Tiger Woods. Having authored various best selling books and videos on the game of golf, Jack is considered to be one of the greatest legends of golf in modern times.

Jack has competed for the most (one hundred and sixty-four) in all major golf championships. He also chairs one of the largest golf course design firms in the world. Having achieved resounding success in the world of golf both on and off the grass, Jack Nicklaus is a certified golf virtuoso.
Personal Details and Early Life

Jack was born on 21st Jan 1940 in Columbus, Ohio to Helen and Charlie Nicklaus. He is of German descent and is married to Barbara Bash. He has five children Gary, Steven, Jack, Michael, and Nancy.

An all-around athlete from the beginning Jack studied in Upper Arlington High school and aced in baseball, tennis, football and other track and field sports. He started playing golf at the age of ten.

Jack Nicklaus Background Check
At the age of twelve, he won straight 5 out of 5 in the Ohio state junior title. At age sixteen he won the Ohio open while competing against professional players.
Jack twice won the U.S amateur and once the NCAA championship while attending Ohio state university.

He was initially studying pharmacy while attending college. He later switched to insurance while continuing to play as an amateur golfer. He met his wife Barbara who was also a student at Ohio state studying nursing.

After the birth of his first child Jack Junior, He decided to go professional in order to support his family.
Professional Career

Jack defeated crowd favorite Arnold Palmer to win the US Open in 1962. This win against an established golfer bought jack into national limelight and fame. This was also the start of the famous professional rivalry between the two men which would define the careers of both men and keep the spectators glued to their television sets.

As 1962 was coming to an end, Jack won Portland and Seattle open. By 1963 Jack had won 2 out of 4 major tournaments, the PGA Championship, and the masters. These wins made him the youngest masters winner and the 3rd youngest PGA championship winner ever.

These professional victories made Jack a celebrity athlete and were awarded several endorsement deals which earned him significant income. Jack won the Masters tournament successively in 1965 and 1966.

Jack Nicklaus Public Records  
He won the U.S Open for the 2nd time in 1967. Between 1968 to 1970 Jack was out of form as he failed to win any major championship games. It was only in 1970 that he managed to win the Open championship.

The 1970s were the golden years of Jack's golf games as he managed to become the first-ever golfer to win all 4 majors twice. He won 4 PGA tours in 1971. He won the US open and the master's tournament in 1972.

He again won the PGA championship tour in 1973. Jack won the 1978 open championship that made him the first player to win all major championships three times.

Jack continued playing throughout the 80s and the 90s, each decade bringing new achievements to his already illustrious career. He retired in 2005 at St Andrews playing the open championship.

Even though retired from professional golf, Jack continues to have a profound effect on the golfing world through his writings, his design firm, and the memorial tournament that he still continues to manage.

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