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Jack Quinn was a baseball legend who played professional baseball for three famous American leagues. This Slovakian-American played as a pitcher for National, American and Federal leagues and played for Philadelphia Athletics as well. While Quinn played for Athletics, the team won the American League three times and the World Series two times. Quinn retired from professional baseball when he was 50 years old.



Quinn was born in Hungary in the year 1883. His parents migrated to New York in 1884 and his mother died shortly after their relocation. As a child, Quinn spent his days working as a blacksmith. He also worked as a swimmer and played recreational baseball with his miner pals.

When Quinn was 14 years old, he was watching a game and accidentally threw the ball from the stand to the catcher that impressed a visiting manager who signed a contract with him to play baseball professionally and this changed Quinn’s life permanently.

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Early career

After getting inducted into the game, Quinn played baseball actively for nearly 20 years. His MLB debut was in the year 1909 and his last MLB match appearance was in the year 1933. According to statistics, Quinn has played for 23 seasons in major league baseball and has worked with eight different teams.

His records are unbeatable and his long professional career is an inspiration to many present-day baseball players. He was a good-hitting pitcher according to sports enthusiasts with an ERA of 3.29 and 1329 strikeouts.

Professional Career

Jack Quinn has played with teams like New York Highlanders, Boston Braves, and Baltimore Terrapins, Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Athletics, Brooklyn Robins, and Cincinnati Reds. Among the records that Quinn created, the most memorable ones among his fans are the “oldest Major League Player to win a game” and the “oldest to lead a league”. Also, Quinn was famous for starting games in the World Series. At 46, he hit a home run in the major leagues.

He was also the oldest member to play in Cincinnati Reds. He has played 4 decades of Major League Baseball and has pitched for 87.75 innings totally in his career. He has played against 31 Baseball Hall of Fame members in his complete career. He collected Two World Series Rings and also recorded a 0.969 fielding percentage during his field time. Jack Quinn was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame Posthumously.

Jack Quinn public records
Personal Life

One of the most interesting about Quinn is that he kept his personal life secret. It was known that Quinn had a stepmother named Anastasia and his parents moved from Slovakia to America. Quinn was married to a beautiful maiden named Georgia Lambert and he died at the age of 62 in Pottsville Pennsylvania.

Net worth

Jack Quinn played basketball for a considerably long period and his net worth earned by playing the game is in millions of US dollars. He is considered one of the richest basketball players in Slovakia. His income majorly was from playing major league matches.


Jack was friendly with everyone on the field and all his colleagues had great memories of his game and sportsmanship. He was a mysterious man and did not reveal his personal life in front of shutterbugs. He also maintained a low key celebrity status despite being a hit play in the early 1900s.

With 247 wins and 218 losses, Jack Quinn played baseball with great passion. His age-related milestones are remembered by the baseball fraternity. He played active baseball at the age of 48 and 49 which is inspirational for many young players of the current major and minor baseball leagues.

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