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Jake Layman Celebrity Life

Jake Douglas Layman is an American professional Basketball player who currently is with the Minnesota Timberwolves. He was born in Norwood, Massachusetts and did his high school in King Philip Regional High School.

Many considered him to be a late bloomer. As a player Layman used to prefer the perimeter to other areas of the court.


This was although he was six feet nine inches. His AAU basketball team was the Boston Amateur Basketball Club (BABC). During his senior years, he maintained on average 26 points per game.

The number of assists and blocks per game was four and five respectively. In 2012 HockomockSports.com selected Layman as the Boys' Basketball Player of the Year. In that same year, he was selected as the most valuable player of the Hockomock League.

Jake Layman Background Check

College Career

Scott Spinelli, who was the assistant basketball coach for Maryland, recruited him for the college basketball team. During his freshman year, he played around 17 games and scored on an average 5.5 points per game. During his career, he focused it on shooting 3-pointers. In fact, when asked how he would describe himself, he used the words “a guard”.

Layman had grown his hair long during his freshman year and the wavy hair became popular. So popular that he had to make a twitter account for it.

During his sophomore year, his points average per game improved to 11.7 points and his rebound per game improved to 5.0. During this period his tally of 3-pointers and blocks were 61 and 27 respectively. After completing his sophomore year John Auslander and David Atkins placed him under rigorous training.

This was done to improve his ball-handling skills and his strength. Layman broke his hand in June of 2014. To improve his arm strength without damaging his hands Auslander decided to both squatting machines and Velcro pulleys to build arm strength.


According to his teammates, Layman was a leader who preferred to let his actions speak for him. Maryland Terrapins men's basketball defeated the Oklahoma State Cowboys basketball on the 21st of December. In that match, Layman had scored 21 points and managed to grab 11 rebounds. Layman scored 23 points and managed to get 12 rebounds in the Terrapins victory over the Michigan State Spartans men's basketball. The final score for that game was 75-59.

Layman scored the final 10 points for his team.

Jake Layman Public Records

Professional Career

Orlando Magic selected Layman on 23rd of June 2016 as a part of the 2016 NBA Draft. However, he did not play for them. In fact, on the draft night, the Orlando Magic traded him to the Portland Trail Blazers. Layman signed up with the Trail Blazers on the 6th of July 2016 and took part in the NBA summer League of 2016.

The first match he played was on the 1st of November 2016. His team went down to the Golden State Warriors 127-104. During the match, he scored 17 points. He was the only Trail Blazer player to throw five 3-pointers on debut.

Layman continued to play for the Trail Blazers till 2019. He was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves on the 8th of July 2019. This trade was done so that the Trail Blazers could get the draft rights of Bojan Dubljević.

International Career

Layman was a part of the United States Under 18 national team in the FIBA 2012 tournament. The team defeated Brazil to win the gold medal. Sam Dekker’s injury forced the team to use Layman more than expected.

Layman was among the top scorers in the opening round game against Mexico. He had scored 18 points during that game.

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