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by Kelly G.

Jamaal Charles Background Check, Jamaal Charles Public Records

Jamaal Charles Celebrity Life

Jamaal Rashaad Jones Charles was a professional American football player. He played as a running back for the University of Texas college team and later for the Kansas City Chiefs. He was famous in the NFL for his rushing yard records.


As a kid, Charles suffered from a learning disability. He faced great difficulty in reading or studying anything, due to which he faced criticism at that age.

He discovered his talent only when he took part in the Special Olympics at the age of ten.

He found out his athletic ability and was able to finish the Special Olympic with a gold medal. He joined Memorial High School of Port Arthur in Texas and started playing for the school football team there.
He played for the Titans in his senior years, but the level of his performance remained on the same scale.

His performance was recognized by the Associated Press and he was nominated in the first team All-State by Texas Sports Writers Association.

He became the Houston area offensive MVP and received the Willie Ray Smith Award twice. He was also a distinguished track athlete during his junior years.

Jamaal Charles Background Check


Charles's professional career began in 2008, but before that, he played college football under Mack Brown.

He played for the Texas Longhorns football team and started off with a blast during his freshman year.

He was called in the national championship over Southern California in 2005.

From 2006, he fully began to concentrate on football, leaving behind track sports. In 2006. he went over a hundred rushing yards in a single game and made a record of a whopping 72-yard reception in 2006 Alamo Bowl.
By 2007, many sports magazines started to remark that he is maybe the fastest running back in college football at that time.

According to his coach, he still had grounds on which he could improve his play. This became more visual when he fumbled during the game with Oklahoma Sooners in 2007.

He worked hard on his positioning and ball gripping to stabilize his performance and prevent fumbling.

In a game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers in 2007, he made a record by rushing for 290 yards in the 28-25 victory for his team. He skipped his senior year to join the NFL in 2008.

He ranked the fourth player in the list of total rushing yards in college football.

Jamaal Charles Public Records  

He was drafted to the Kansas City Chiefs in the third round of NFL draft 2008. His professional career began with an average performance and he got limited chances in the first team as a fresher.

He began to show sparks of his brilliance in the 2009 season. In the game against the Denver Broncos, he rushed for 259 yards with 25 carries, while scoring two phenomenal receiving touchdowns.

He made the record of becoming the fourth player in NFL history to rush for 250 yards or more in a single game.

He made a tremendous record of averaging 6.38 yards per carrying after the 2010 season and became the second player in NFL history to do so.

However, he received a major setback in 2011 in the form of injury and missed the greater length of that season.

Since returning from the injury, he carried on with his miraculous performance until 2015, where he met with a severe injury in his right knee.

He was released by the Chiefs in 2017 and spent his last two seasons with the Denver Broncos and Jacksonville Jaguars. He was honored by the Chiefs with a ceremonial contract while retiring in 2019.

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