Jason Babin Celebrity Life and Background Check

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Jason Babin Background Check, Jason Babin Public Records

Jason Babin Celebrity Life

Jason Babin is a former football player who was a part of the National Football League (NFL). He was drafted in 2004 by the Houston Texans during the first round of the NFL Draft.

Babin earned the reputation of an intense pass rusher throughout the course of his career. He has the names of several popular teams attached to himself, including the Tennessee Titans, the New York Jets, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Early Life

Born on May 24, 1980, Babin went to the Paw Paw High School in Michigan, United States. As a student, he excelled in many sports, namely football, track, and wrestling.

He was a two-time team Defensive MVP in football, along with being the first team choice for an All-Kalamazoo Valley Association during his senior year.

When it came to wrestling as a senior, Babin was the state champion.
While playing the final three games during his senior year, Babin ended up breaking his leg and also securing a scholarship from Western Michigan University.

As far as the track and field sport was concerned, Babin had the title of a state-qualifier for the throwing events.

Jason Babin Background Check

College Years

Babin played for the Western Michigan Broncos from 2000 to 2003 while attending Western Michigan University. His early victories included a collection of 38 sacks, two fumble recoveries, eight forced fumbles, and 299 tackles.

Out of the 47 games Babin played at Western Michigan, he started 25 of them. He also achieved a record of 38 sacks and 75 tackles for loss for the Broncos.

Babin is known to have blocked three punts, defended two passes and attained three receptions for 55 yards as a part of his performance in college.

He achieved 115 tackles as a senior and started all the 12 games he played as a junior. The latter period is when he made 15 sacks, one fumble recovery, two forced fumbles, and 94 tackles.
As a sophomore, he was known to have made 56 tackles.
Babin was the only freshman on his team to have earned a letter by collecting 34 tackles and playing in all the 12 games. He earned first-team All-America honors from the College Sports Report as well as the NFL Draft Report. 

Babin also achieved second-team honors from College Football News, The Sporting News, and Sports Illustrated.

Professional Career

Babin signed a five-year contract with the Houston Texans that was worth $6 million in June of 2004. His rookie season saw him complete 16 games, where he made 51 solo tackles. Babin played 12 games in 2005 and had 35 tackles, and 26 tackles in 2006 where he played 15 games.

Jason Babin Public Records  

In September 2007, the Seattle Seahawks acquired Babin. He ended up being released from the team a year later when they roped in Denver Broncos’ Keary Colbert. In November of that year, he was signed by the Kansas City Chiefs.

Babin joined the Philadelphia Eagles in August of 2009 before being signed by the Tennessee Titans in March of 2010.

The single-season he had with the Titans was among his best, with a total of 58 tackles, causing him to graduate to the 2011 Pro Bowl. He then signed a five-year deal worth almost $28 million with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Babin had a great season in 2011 with 18 sacks and 40 tackles, which became his best record. He was released in November 2012, after which he immediately joined the Jacksonville Jaguars. Babin entered into a two-year contract in July 2014 with the New York Jets, from where he was released in September 2015.

The Baltimore Ravens welcomed Babin immediately, but he was released from the team the following month. In January of 2016, he joined the Arizona Cardinals as an outside linebacker after the team lost Alex Okafor due to an injury. Babin’s overall score in the NFL is 82, and his overall rank is 296.

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