Jason Hatcher Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Kelly G.

Jason Hatcher Background Check, Jason Hatcher Public Records

Jason Hatcher Celebrity Life

‘I just finished eating a Giant and there's some leftover blood. They said blood was going to be shed, right?’- The most memorable words of Jason Hatcher, a fiery and outspoken footballer.

These words uttered by him to the media smeared in fake blood right after his team Dallas Cowboys’ stellar victory over New York Giants in 2013 National Football League.

Undeniably among the best-known football players, Jason Hatcher was laser-sharp not just in his defensive line talent but also in his words. Infused with talent, most of his journey has been controversial.

Young Days, Many Infractions

In the year 2016, Jason Hatcher was freshly recruited for the University of Kentucky’s football team. But little did his coach Mark Stoops know what was coming. The team’s best defensive player arrested.

An officer from the Franklin County police had stopped Hatcher for speeding at 11 miles (17.7 km) per hour (17.7 km/h). The officer was in for a surprise when he discovered a pound of marijuana in Hatcher’s vehicle.

Soon his dismissal from the team announced and his career with the UK’s football team ended.

Jason Hatcher Background Check

Well, this was, in fact, his second run-in with the law and Kentucky University’s disciplinary protocols. In 2014, Hatcher was found guilty of possessing marijuana.

19-year-old Hatcher caught with 2.5 grams of marijuana along with his former high school teammate James Quick. Possession of these drugs is considered ‘misdemeanor’ in Kentucky.

However, the charges were expunged after Hatcher agreed to go through a marijuana education program.

The university, in fact, agreed to give him another chance at football! It didn’t stop there. Hatcher was forced out of the first two games in 2015 for team violations.
The Year When He Established Himself

Out of Grambling State University with a major in physical studies, Hatcher was a third-round pick by the Cowboys for the National Football League. Most parts of his time were unspectacular. He played behind players like Marcus Spears. In 2011, Hatcher was given the chance to start.

A move by his coach that was completely going to change the course of his career. That season he started 10 games recording 4.5 sacks and 20 tackles.

The next season he again started 16 games, putting up an admirable defense. Then there was no stopping the giant! He went on to become the best defensive lineman.

2013 was his best season with career highs in both sacks and tackles. In the 2013 season, he managed 11 sacks alone! A complete turn around for a player that has just 34.5 sacks in his 10-year career.

Jason Hatcher Public Records  
That year Jason Hatcher earned the National Football League Pro Bowl Nod- reserved for the best of the best!
In 2014, Washington Redskins signed Jason Hatcher for $27.5 million for four years.

Redskins had put both their faith and money in Hatcher- a 31-year-old late bloomer who was showing steady progress with every game he played.

Jason Hatcher wasn't just fighting his rival teams he also his aging body. After 10 seasons of NFL, 147 games, and 34.5 sacks Jason Hatcher announced his retirement in 2016.

Not Only A Great Player But Also A Team Leader

Hatcher’s talent was not limited to the turf. He had a tall presence in the locker room as well. He was always seen providing strong veteran leadership to the team. Hatcher spoke his mind to the media, giving bold statements in support of his coach and teammates.

His retirement definitely takes off a legend from the list of footballers. His performance has always been a matter of debate for many, but he undeniably was the best in putting pressure on opposing teams.

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