Jean Shrimpton Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Sheila A.

Jean Shrimpton Background Check, Jean Shrimpton Public Records

Jean Shrimpton Celebrity Life

The real era of modeling started in the late forties and with the invention of TV, modeling became a rage. Today, modeling is a multimillion-dollar industry.

But modeling wasn’t always a lucrative career option for people especially youngsters. It took a few models and several creative people to turn modeling into a real career.

It was women who grabbed all the attention in the field modeling in the beginning days and the trend still continues today.

 Modeling is a stepping-stone to movies, TV, and other media. It has given several stars and celebrities to the world and continues to do so.

One of the earliest stars of the modeling world was Jean Shrimpton. She was the icon of Swinging London and the first woman to be crowned as Supermodel.

At the prime of her career, she broke several barriers and became an inspiration to women around the world.

Jean Shrimpton Background Check
Birth of First Supermodel

Jean Shrimpton was born on 7 November 1942 in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England. She grew up on a farm and went on to study at St Bernard’s Convent School, Slough. Later, when she was 17 and studying at Langham Secretarial College in London, she met movie director Cy Endfield.

The director was working on the script of Mysterious Island but he couldn’t cast Jean in his movie because of the difference between him and the movie producer.

He later suggested Jean join the Lucy Clayton Charm Academy to become a model. She enrolled in modeling courses and soon began to model and appeared on the covers of prominent magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Harper’s Bazaar.


Enroute to becoming a Supermodel

Jean rose to fame after she started collaborating with photographer David Bailey. Bailey found her when she was modeling for Kellog’s Corn Flakes advertisement for another photographer.

Jean first posed for Bailey’s photographs in the year 1960 for Vogue. Bailey’s eye-catching photographs brought the sublime beauty of Jean out and made her popular in the modeling world.

Jean credited her career to Bailey and in turn, Bailey too rose to fame because of Jean’s beautiful pictures.

Soon Jean Shrimpton became the rage in the UK and slowly started gaining recognition around the world.

She was reported to be the highest-paid model and people started to assign monikers like the world’s most beautiful face, the most beautiful girl in the world, and its girl.

The popularity raised so high that Glamour magazine declared her Model of the Year in 1963.

Jean Shrimpton Public Records  
She was the model who helped in raising the popularity of the miniskirt. She was paid 2000 pounds to promote newly designed dresses made of Orlon.

When she visited Australia for the promotion, she attracted a lot of reactions and reviews since she wore a white shift dress, which ended 5 inches short of her knees.

She had once again posed for Vogue magazine in 1971 and was photographed by Clive Arrowsmith.

Super Life

Jean dated Bailey soon after they started to work together. Bailey was married at the time he dated Jean and later divorced his first wife to spend time with Jean.

The relationship didn’t last long and ended abruptly. The most famous and celebrated romance of Jean was with actor Terrence Stamp.

Her relationship with the actor didn’t last long because of the huge interest of people and the media.

After some gap, she started to date photographer Michael Cox and later they both married in the year 1979. She was four-month pregnant with their child at the time of marriage.

Jean and Cox set up a hotel Abbey Hotel in Penzance, which is now managed by their son Thaddeus.
The romance of Jean and Bailey was made into a TV series, We’ll Take Manhattan, in the year 2012 for BBC Four.

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