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Jeff Teague Celebrity Life

Jeff Teague, born on 10th June 1988 in Indianapolis, Indiana is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for Atlanta Hawks Club of the National Basketball Association. He plays as a point guard. He was selected in the 2009 NBA draft in the first round under the overall 19th number by the Atlanta Hawks team.


The early years

Jeff Teague was born June 10, 1988, in the family of Sean and Carol Teague. Jeff's father played basketball for the teams of the University of Missouri and Boston. Jeff has two brothers and two sisters. His younger brother, Marquis, is also a professional basketball player who played in the NBA for the Chicago Bulls and Brooklyn Nets.

Cousin Jeff, David Teague played basketball at the student and professional levels.

Jeff Teague Background Check

High school

Jeff Teague attended Pike High School in Indianapolis and was the star of a school basketball team led by coach Billy Wright. In the graduating class, he averaged 22 points per school championship game, made 4 assists and 2 interceptions. His Red Devils team finished the season with 20 wins with 5 losses.

Teague was recognized as the team’s most valuable player and was included in the first symbolic team of the best conference players.

In the nationwide ranking of the best point guard among high school students, Jeff was 8th at the end of the season, 36th out of all the players.

In a similar ranking, put him on position 9th among point guards and 57th among all players. Teague received an offer of sports scholarships from many universities, including Indiana, Purdue, Boston College, but he chose Wake Forest University.



In the 2007-08 season, first-grader Jeff Teague scored an average of 13.9 points per student championship game, and he ranked second in the Wake Forest University team after another rookie, James Johnson. In addition, Teague led the interception team, ending the season with a score of 55, and was second in the transmission team

. At the end of the season, he was included in the symbolic rookie team.

In his second season in the student championship, Teague improved his performance to 18.8 points, 3.5 assists, 1.9 interceptions on average per game, becoming the best in the team in terms of these indicators. Thanks to Jeff's game, the Wake Forest team took first place in the nationwide ranking.

Jeff Teague Public Records  
At the end of the season, Teague was included in the second symbolic team of the conference, lacking only three points to get into the first. He was also honored with inclusion in the second All-American National Team of the NCAA. Teague has become the 13th player in Wake Forest University history to be on the US national team.

In addition, he was among the final contenders for the prizes named Bob Cousey, John Wood and Oscar Robertson.


On April 8, 2009, Teague put forward his candidacy for the 2009 NBA draft, finally refusing to pursue a career in student sports on June 15. On June 25, he was selected in the draft in the first round under the 19th number by the Atlanta Hawks team. On July 20, 2009, Teague signed his first professional contract with the Hawks.

On July 10, 2013, Teague, who became a limited- free agent, agreed to a four-year contract worth $32 million proposed by the Milwaukee Bucks club. Three days later, the Hawks repeated this proposal, thereby retaining the player.

On July 7, 2016, Teague joined the Indiana Pacers team as a result of a three-way deal involving Hawks and Utah Jazz. The Pacers sent their defender George Hill to Utah, while Atlanta received a rookie Thorean Prince from Utah.

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