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Jennie Finch Celebrity Life

Born on the 3rd of September, 1980, Jennie Finch is the first softball pitcher and baseman to have played on a professional level in America. She was born in La Mirada, California, and was born with the name Jennie Lynn Finch. She has secured Olympic medals in her career and has also remained as a noteworthy member of the All American Sports team.

Having won numerous medals throughout her playing career, Finch is regarded as probably the most popular and famous softball player to have ever played the game.


Early Life

Jennie was born in 1980 on the 3rd of September as has already been mentioned above, in a family with two other brothers. The names of her brothers are Shane and Ladon. She went on to study at La Mirada High School.

With a keen interest in softball, Jennie’s first introduction to the sport happened when she was only five years old, throwing her first pitch at the very early age of eight. Other sports that Jennie participated in while in high school include volleyball and basketball.

Jennie Finch Background Check
By the time, she became a senior she had shown exceptional talent as an athlete, becoming the captain of her school in all the three sports including softball, which she would go on to pursue as her career.

Her exceptional record as an athlete can be measured through the four letters she received while playing softball and the two letters she received while playing basketball and volleyball in high school.

She became the choice for the All-California Interscholastic Federation Division II in softball, at the time that she was a sophomore.

She was also the selection for the All-Suburban League. She went on to pursue higher education from the University of California, where she continued playing softball in the role of a batgirl. The training that Jennie received as a child can be attributed to her father, who coached her diligently and also to the immense interest that the young Finch had towards the sport.


The degree that she received from the University of California was a major in communications, before beginning her career as a professional softball player. It was the year 1999, on the 5th of February, when she witnessed her first victory in the game of softball, as she and her team defeated the University of Illinois.

The National Collegiate Athlete Association, also known as NCAA, could not ignore this raw young talent and she made the First Team, which took place during her senior year studying at the University of California. Her first experience in the Olympics happened in the year 2004, during the Summer Olympics that was held in Athens.

She secured the gold medal with her team during this Olympic with a record of 2-0. Her next medal in the Olympics happened in the year 2008 when she and her team participated in the Beijing Olympics and won the gold medal. 

Jennie Finch Public Records

Jennie Finch had secured several awards and achievements throughout her career while playing in the pro softball league representing the Chicago Bandits. While playing for this professional team of women softball players she co-received the NPF award with Lauren Bay, who was her teammate and co-pitcher.

Life as of 2020

The current net worth of Jennie Finch, as of March 2020, is estimated to be close to $2million. She has also been a swimsuit model apart from playing softball and made various appearances in several series on television.

Some of the most notable amongst these include The Real Housewives of Orange Country and Pros vs. Joes. She was even included in the list of 50 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine.

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