Jermaine Gresham Celebrity Life and Background Check

by Kelly G.

Jermaine Gresham Background Check, Jermaine Gresham Public Records

Jermaine Gresham Celebrity Life

If you look at the history of successful sportspeople, you will find that they are not multi-taskers. They focus only on their sport and keep trying to improve themselves.

Even in the case of those sportspeople who excel in more than one game, they decide to stop playing one sport and concentrate on only one.

From this, it becomes very clear that the main factor that determines success in any field is a laser-like focus.
This applies to the game of football also.

You can see this type of approach with Jermaine Gresham, a former player of football from the US. Gresham was born on 16th June 1988.
During his school years, he played both football and basketball. But after a few years, he decided to stop playing basketball and started focusing only on football. Of course, injuries played a major role also in this decision.

But nonetheless, that he wanted to concentrate on football was a major reason. Let us know more about him.
Gresham played the game at the tight end position.

It was Cincinnati Bengals that drafted him for the 2010 NFL. During his college years, he played at Oklahoma. His performance in the matches earned him the All-American honors.

Jermaine Gresham Background Check

Gresham's Career at High School

Gresham attended a high school in California's Ardmore. He played as a wide receiver and in the games he played, he stood out.

When he was a sophomore, he played for the Tigers and helped the team win in matches against Ada and Altus.

Even in a losing match against Shawnee, he excelled. Justifiably, Daily Oklahoman named him as the "best receiver" for the season of 2003.

When he was a senior, he performed well for his team. In 2005, ranked him at the 34th position in the overall prospects' list.


Gresham played basketball as well. In fact, he performed very well in this sport also. He was instrumental for a number of wins of the basketball team of Ardmore for which he played.

But he gave up playing the sport due to the knee injury he sustained in ACL. He started pursuing football and joined "Sooner" of Oklahoma.
College Football Played by Gresham

A number of college teams that included Oklahoma Sooners, Nebraska Cornhuskers, Cowboys of the state of Oklahoma, Miami Hurricanes, USC Trojans, LSU Tigers, and Buckeyes of the state of Ohio expressed interest in having Gresham with them. On 1st February 2006, he signed a contract with Sooners.

The Professional Career of Gresham

It was Cincinnati Bengals that drafted Gresham for the 2010 NFL as the 21st overall. In fact, he signed a five-year deal with them. The deal was worth $15.85 million.

Jermaine Gresham Public Records  
Gresham's stint with Cincinnati Bengals

Gresham created records in his rookie season. During the second season, he had to miss two games due to injuries. But in the remaining matches, he performed so well that he was named for the Pro Bowl for the first time.

In the third season, his game improved still further. This resulted in him being named for the Pro Bowl for the second consecutive time.
Gresham's stint with Arizona Cardinals

On 24th July 2015, Gresham and Arizona Cardinals entered into a deal. The deal was for only one year. On 13th March 2016, both Chicago Bears and New-York Jets offered him deals for four years but he turned down both the offers.

In short, he decided to stick with Cardinals for a year.

On 7th March 2017, he entered into an extension contract with Arizona Cardinals. The extension deal was for four years.
In 2018, he played in 13 matches but the records he created were his career-low. On 11th March 2019, Gresham and Cardinals parted ways.

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