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Jim Brown Celebrity Life

An ex All-American athlete, Jim brown played as a running back for the Cleveland Browns, set records, as well as was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. However, he retired for the game for good in 1966 and decided to pursue a career in acting and bagged roles in films such as “Zebra and Kenner” and “The Dirty Dozen” among others. Later on, Brown concentrated on the empowerment of black businesses.
Childhood and Early Years

Born on 17th February 1936 in Georgia’s St. Simons Island, Tom Brown was just a toddler when his father left the family. Brown’s mother also exited from his life and took employment as a maid in New York’s Manhasset. The child was left in the care of his great-grandmother.

Brown was just 8-year-old when he reunited with his mother and started living with her in New York. He fared well in his new house and played football while attending the Manhasset High School. When the player was in his senior year, he had an average of 14.9 yards/carry as a running back. His performance was adequate to clinch a place at Syracuse University.

Jim Brown Background Check

When Brown was in college, he showed his dominance on the basketball court, as well as, while playing football Brown was also a good track athlete, as well as, lacrosse player. While he was in the senior year, he had a rush for 197 yards and kicked 7 extra points and scored 6 touchdowns.

Professional Career and Statistics

Brown was selected by the Cleveland Browns in 1957 as the 6th overall pick in the draft of the National Football League. Soon, the player adjusted himself in the new space and captured the league’s honors called Rookie of the Year. During the following 7 seasons, he was the standard-bearer for all running backs of NFL.

However, his sole dismissal year in a brief span of a brilliant football career was in 1962 because he did not succeed in leading the NFL in yards Just 2 years later, the players led the Cleveland to the National Football League championship. However, he felt that there is an alternative career for him outside football. Just before the 1966 season could start, the former player surprised the sports world when he declared the news of his retirement. In 1971, Brown’s name was included in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
Career in Films

Brown was just 30-year-old when he retired from playing football. He had made up his mind to concentrate on his career in films. Brown acted in over 30 movies such as “The Dirty Dozen” in 1967 and “100 Rifles” in the year 1969. Some of his later films are “Any Given Sunday” in 1999 and “Mars Attacks” in 1996. In the former film, he was seen in the role of a football coach.

Jim Brown Public Records  
Controversies and Activism

In the nineties, Brown demonstrated his support for the businesses owned by the blacks and assisted in creating an organization called the Negro Industrial Economic Union. However, his name was linked to several controversies. He was alleged of throwing his girlfriend off the balcony of a 2nd-story building in 1968.

In 1969, Brown could escape charges that accused him of assaulting another person after a traffic accident.
Also, in 1999, this former player convicted for breaking the car window of his wife. When Brown disagreed to attend counseling, he was sentenced for 6 months to the jail.

Personal Details

Jim Brown, a movie actor, as well as, a retired football player is the owner of his childhood house located on St. Simons Island, California a house in the city of Los Angeles.

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