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Joel Bitonio Background Check, Joel Bitonio Public Records

 Joel Bitonio Celebrity Life

If you observe two or more sportspersons in discussions, you can pretty well construe that the topic will either be sports or health and fitness-related.

In fact, that kind of obsession with the sport they play is what helps them achieve success in their respective sport. Of course, several sportspeople do community service as well.

Therefore, they may focus on helping more and more people. But the fact remains that their main focus and obsession may be the sport they are pursuing.


It is true that the world of sports has seen several such sportspeople. This includes football as well. It is the obsession of such players that has been the reason for making football as one of the most-followed sports in the world.

Almost every country has seen such football players. In the USA also, there have been such players.

Even today, there are players with great talents who are playing at top levels including the NFL in the USA. Joel Bitonio is one of them. Let us know more about this player.

Joel Bitonio public records
Joel Bitonio was born on 11th October 1991. At present, he is playing as a guard for Cleveland Browns at the NFL. In fact, the team drafted him in the second round of the NFL of 2014. During his college years, he played at Nevada.

The Early Years of Joel Bitonio

Bitonio studied at Wilson Long Beach High School in California's Long Beach. He became a three-sport star which means that he was playing basketball and football and was actively participating in field and track events as well.

When he was a senior, he was chosen for Long Beach's Press-Telegram dream football team. He was chosen for the dream team of basketball as well.


Thanks to his skills in football, he was selected twice for the All-League team. He was chosen as the year's Lineman for League Moore also. Apart from getting chosen for All-Conference's first-team, he was also named for All-State's second team also by

As a senior, Bitonio excelled in the field and track events as well. He led the shot put league. He could record 15.39 meters of top throw in the Division-1 Prelims of 2009's Southern CIF Section.

The College Career of Joel Bitonio

Bitonio studied at Nevada University during the period between 2009 and 2013. He started in 29 games consecutively during the period between when he was a redshirt sophomore and the time he entered the senior seasons.

When he was a senior, his selection for the All-Mountain's West Conference team happened.

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The Professional Career of Joel Bitonio

In the 2014 Draft of NFL, Bitonio found himself in the list of prospects for the category of offensive tackles. During the same year, Cleveland Browns drafted him as the 35th overall for the NFL Draft's second round.

Unfortunately, on 7th December 2015, he had to remain as an injured reserve player, due to the injuries he sustained. Again on 14th October 2016, he had to remain as an injured reserve player, thanks to an injury in his foot during Week 5.

On the 9th of March 2017, Bitonio and Browns renewed their contract. This extension of the contract was for five years which means that he would be playing for the team till the season of 2022. In 2017, he got selected for the Pro Bowl for the first time as well.

Since he started all the 16 numbers of the year's games at the position of left guard, he was chosen for All-Pro's second team also.

The Personal Life of Joel Bitonio

Mike Bitonio, the father of Joel Bitonio, was a fighter of an integrated type of martial arts. Joel Bitonio lost his father in 2010. His father was 45 then.

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